Ram Mantras for Positivity and Protection

In this post, I have written about the two most beneficial Mantras of Lord Ram for attracting all kinds of positivity and for the protection of the self and near and dear family members. These everyday Ram Mantra are very useful for the general well-being and protection of the practitioner and his family.

About these Shri Ram Mantras: These Shri Ram Mantras originate from the Ashtottara Shatnam Namavali and are based upon Name Number: 100 परंज्योति Paramjyoti and Name Number: 41 त्रिलोकरक्षक / Trilokarakshaka respectively. Hence, these Name Mantras of Prabhu Shri Ram can generate tremendous force and energy.

Shri Ram Mantra to attract immense positivity and get whatever you want: This Ram Mantra acts like a magnet to attract tremendous positivity and give the practitioner anything he wishes. The arrival of strong positive energy destroys, repels, and removes negative energy and evil vibrations, thus bringing peace, happiness, and prosperity to the household.

This Ram Mantra will also make the personality of the practitioner radiant and desirable and all people will co-operate with him.

ॐ परंज्योतिषे नमः||
Om Paramjyotishe Namah ||

How to chant the Ram Mantra: The best way to chant the Ram Mantra is to visualize Shri Ram as the most radiant Universal Being in the Universe and chant the Mantra for about 5 minutes in the morning or before going to sleep at night.

The meaning of this Ram Mantra: I Pray to the Most Radiant Shri Ram. / परम तेजस्वी श्री राम प्रभु को मेरा नमन।

Note: The Hindi video of this Ram Mantra to attract tremendous positivity can be seen on our YouTube Channel: Sakaratmak Urja Kheench Kar Har Pareshani Nasht Karne Ka Ram Mantra

Ram Mantra for Divine Protection

Lord Ram Mantra for Protection of the Full Family or household: This Mantra of Bhagwan Ram protects the practitioner and all the members of his immediate family, meaning those about whom he cares from every kind of danger, including danger from enemies and unseen entities. The main purpose of the Shri Ram Avatar of Lord Vishnu was to protect the Three Worlds or Heaven, Earth, and Netherworld from the clutches of Darkness unleashed by the Evil Forces, including Ravana, the King of the Demons. 

ॐ त्रिलोकरक्षकाय नमः ||
Om Trilokarakshakaya Namah ||

How to chant the Shri Ram Mantra: The practitioner should chant the Ram Mantra continuously whenever he senses danger and harm to himself or his loved one.  If he is living under constant threat or danger he should chant the Ram Mantra for 5-10 minutes every day It is advisable to chant the Mantra after visualizing a mental image of Rama holding the bow and arrow. 

The Meaning of the Lord Shri Ram Mantra: I Pray to Lord Ram, who protects the three worlds. / तीनों लोगों की रक्षा करने वाले श्री राम प्रभु को मेरा नमन।

The Hindi video of this same Shri Ram Mantra can be viewed on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Pure Parivar Ki Raksha Ke Liye Satik Ram Mantra


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