Divine Numbers for Fulfilling Wishes and Money Gain

In this post, I have written about two supernatural numbers, Number 1176 for fulfilling any wish or desire and Number 20 for the gain of money. These secret numbers have been extensively described in reliable texts on Western / European Numerology, Switch Words, Angel, and Tarot Numbers.

Secret Angel Numbers for Money

It has been claimed by many followers of the paranormal that such numbers really work and fulfill the desires of the practitioner by operating in some secret supernatural method by establishing a connection with the Universe or Forces, which Govern the Universe.

Number 20 to Get Money: If the practitioner is facing a sudden money shortage or if his wallet is empty and he is desperate for money, then this remedy works like a Rambaan Upay or an infallible paranormal remedy.

There is no Puja-Vidhi connected with this remedy, and it can be practiced whenever the practitioner is desperate for money. All that practitioner should do is to mentally meditate upon the Number 20 and even write it down on a piece of white paper and keep it in his pocket, purse, or wallet.

In the Number 20, the Number 2 will multiply the strength of the remedy and the Number 0 will destroy the obstacles and opposition.

Note: The Hindi language video of this remedy can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Is Ank Ko Man Hi Man Me Bolne Se Paisa Milega

Number 1176 to Fulfill any Wish or Desire: This Divine Number is said to generate the most powerful vibrations that can increase the chances of fulfilling any wish or desire, including wishes related to money and wealth, marriage to a suitable person, a gain of a job or a new job, relief from diseases and disorders and removal of enemies and rivals.

The practitioner can practice this paranormal remedy on any day by writing the Number 1176 on a white piece of paper with green ink and then writing below it that his wish has been fulfilled and that he is thanking the Universe for helping him in fulfilling it.

For example, if his wish is to get relief from Heart Disease, he should write “I thank the Universe for curing my Heart Disease”

After this, the practitioner can fold and keep the paper in his Puja Ghar before the idol or photograph of his Ishta Devta or in any clean place in his home, like his cupboard.

The Number 1176 can also be written on the lower left hand with green ink and instead of writing his wish below the number, the practitioner should say it mentally.

The practitioner can practice any one or both of the methods described above. However, he should also mentally chant the Number 1176 for about 5 Minutes daily.

Note: You can see the Hindi language video of this Divine Number 1176 on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Manokamna Puri Karne Ke Liye Is Ank Ko Kagaj Par Likhe

For both these Paranormal Remedies: Do not practice them for trivial purposes or just to see what happens. Practice them with self-belief and confidence only when you are really in need of what you are asking for.


  1. Interesting.
    Sir,pls write more on such numbers.. Writing on left hand wrist...

    1. Above the wrist on the inside of the left arm.

  2. Jay Guruji, can you please soon upload a yantra or mantra for the muscle growth (have a muscular body) during workout time. Thank you very much !
    Jay 😀


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