Vastu Shastra Remedy to Sell Unsellable Immovable Property

In this post, I have written about a very easy-to-practice Vastu Shastra Paranormal Home Remedy or Totka to sell any kind of immovable property, like land, building, house, apartment, shop, office, or commercial property. It is the experience of many people that such Indian Tone, Totke, and Upay, which might, at first sight, appear to be illogical and strange really work and give the desired success to the practitioners of these remedies.

Hence, I have written about this very easy-to-practice Vastu Shastra Home Remedy, which should be very useful for those persons who are finding it very difficult to sell their landed property or are unable to get a reasonable market price for the same.

People who are desperately trying to dispose of their landed property for some or the other reason, including the need for money can attempt this paranormal remedy because as mentioned above, it is very simple to practice, does not take much time or effort, and there is no need to spend any money to practice it.
Vastu Totka to Sell Immovable Property

The procedure of practicing this Vastu Shastra Upay for selling unsalable property has been described below:

The practitioner must collect the following items:
1] A small piece of wood from the property that the practitioner wishes to sell.

2] A small iron nail, knife, or any other iron thing from the kitchen.

3] Some mud from the compound of the house or property.

These three items must be put inside a red-colored envelope and then the envelope should be sealed and immersed in any flowing water body, like a canal, river, or sea.

Some more information about this Vastu Shastra Remedy:
This is a one-time paranormal which can increase the chances of selling the immovable property at the market price. However, the practitioner must practice it with faith and self-belief. This paranormal remedy can be practiced on any day, at any time and there is no need to perform any religious ritual or chant any Mantra, Stotra, or Prayer before or after practicing this remedy.

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All information given in this post is only meant to give rare and interesting knowledge about Traditional Hindu Paranormal Home Remedies and not to induce any person or persons to practice the same.


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