Powerful Hanuman and Bhairav Protection Mantras

In this post, I have explained the method of utilizing the immense power and energy of two small but most powerful Protections Mantras of Bajrangbali Shri Hanuman and Lord Bhairava to stop continuous dangers and overcome the most severe threats.

These Most Powerful Mantras of Hanuman and Bhairava will give the desired result very fast in the Kaliyuga, in which almost every person is suffering from such problems, threats, and dangers regularly. This is so because in the Kaliyuga about 75% of all energies in circulation in the atmosphere are Tamasic or negative energies. Hence, most people needed some or the other kind of Divine Protection, which these Atma Raksha mantras can give.
Most Powerful Hanuman Protection Mantra

Shri Hanuman Mantra for freedom from an unending series of dangers or problems: This Hanuman Mantra originating from the Shri Hanuman Ashtottara Shatnam Namavali Stotra or 108 Names of Lord Hanuman is based upon Name Number 38 शृन्खला बन्धमोचक / Shrunkhala Bandhamochaka, which has been described in this Stotra.

This Hanuman Mantra is most beneficial in ending long-term or continuous bad luck, dangers, or threats of any kind, including job-business and monetary problems, dangers from diseases and enemies, and household-domestic strife.

The Hanuman Mantra also attracts positive energy and hence is very effective in attracting good luck and getting success in fulfilling unfulfilled wishes and desires.

ॐ शृन्खला बन्धमोचकाय नमः ||
Om Shrinkhala Bandhamochakaya Namah ||

Meaning of this Hanuman Mantra:
I Pray to Shri Hanuman who gives freedom from an unending series of Dangers. / संकटों की श्रृंखला से मुक्ति देने वाले हनुमान जी को मेरा नमन।

How to chant this Lord Hanuman Mantra: This Hanuman Mantra can be chanted as much as desired or for 5-10 minutes daily.

Note: Readers can view the Hindi video of this Hanuman Mantra for Freedom from Continuous Problems on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Ek Ke Bad Ek Aane Wale Sankat Se Chutkara Pane Ka Shri Hanuman Mantra

Bhairava Mantra for Freedom from Severe Dangers: This Mantra of Shri Bhairava is very effective in giving freedom from the biggest dangers, problems, and threats, including real, imaginary, unknown, mental, and physical dangers.

ॐ भयहरणं च भैरव: ||
Om Bhayaharanam Cha Bhairavah ||

The method of using this Mantra:
The chanting of this Lord Bhairava can be done whenever the practitioner is facing severe threats or dangers. The Mantra can be chanted 7, 11, or 21 times in the morning or night if this is a long-term or chronic problem.

Note: The Hindi video of this Lord Bhairava Mantra to Overcome the Most Powerful Dangers can be viewed on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Bade Se Bade Khatron Se Mukti Pane Ka Shri Bhairav Mantra


  1. Swamiji

    Please post Bhairav mantra for mental health

  2. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful website. This year, I have suffered numerous misfortunes which have set me back financially. I decided to chant the Hanuman mantra above for protection against further problems. I chant one mala before I go to bed each night. After one week, I had a spontaneous desire to eat a more healthy diet resulting in easy weight loss. And today, my job gave me a significant pay raise much higher than expected.

    I have also started chanting two other Hanuman mantras for purposes external to me. This is long term, I'll attempt to let you know how it turns out.

    Thank you once again and be well.


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