Four Ancient Vashikaran-Mohini Love Spells without Use of Mantras

In this post, I have written about four ancient Indian Vashikaran Love Spells to get the love of a wife or a husband or to mutually create an unbreakable love bond between couples. These Vashikaran-Mohini Upay or Totke have been derived from secret ancient Hindu Scriptures containing powerful spells of all kinds and are all standalone spells that do not need the use of Mantras or Stotras or any other Tantra to make them work.

Vashikaran of any Desired Woman by Giving Gifts: If the spell-caster wishes to become friendly with any desired woman and bind here under a strong Mohini-Vashikaran Love Spell, then gifting these three Things together to your wife or any desired lady will make the practitioner appear seductive, desirable and attractive to the desired lady and she will fall in love with him.

These three things - Harsingar / Parijat or Night-flowering Jasmine in English, Nilotpal or Blue Lotus, and Supari or Betel Nut.

As per the ancient Tantra, this is a stand-alone Vashikaran love spell and it does not involve a Yantra, Mantra, or Puja-Vidhi to make it work.
Ancient Vashikaran Upay

Vashikaran of any Desired Man or Woman using Vashikaran Churna: The spell-caster should take these three items in equal parts - Godanti / Tej Patta or Cinnamomum Tamala in English, Hartal or Arsenic Trisulfide and Kakajangha / Kali Aghedi or Peristrophe bicalyculata, and the grind them together to make the Vashikaran Churna.

Then, he has to very carefully and secretly sprinkle a pinch of this magical Vashikaran Powder on the head of the desired man or woman to cast the attraction spell on him or her.

Vashikaran Spell to Create an Unbreakable Love Bond:
The couple or husband and wife who wish never to break up and keep on loving each other and be attracted to each other forever have to take these four items Mulathi/ Mulhatti or Liquorice in English, Kaith, or Wood Apple, a small portion of the root of Peepal or Sacred Fig and Lal Kamal or Red Lotus and mix them in Honey and grind them to make a Vashikaran Paste.

This Vashikaran Paste should be applied by the couple on each other's private parts to mutually cast the unbreakable love spell on each other and never break up or separate.

Vashikaran Paste to Cast an Unbreakable Love Spell of the Wife: This spell will make the wife come fully under the control of the spell caster and fall head and heels in love with him and never look at any other man.

The spell-caster should take a small portion of the roots of Bharangi or Clerodendrum serratum, Bach / Vacha or Sweet Flag, and Kuth / Kustha or Dolomiaea costus and grind them together with Honey to make a Vashikaran Paste.

This paste should be applied to the body, including the private parts to cast an unbreakable love spell on the wife or lover.

Note: These Vashikaran and Mohini Love Spells are based upon ancient Hindu Tantric Scriptures and have only been described in the post to give information about rare and ancient Indian Spells and not to advocate their use.

The section Vashikaran Upay and Remedies contains many Vashikaran, Akarshan, and Mohini Love Spells, which do not need the use of any Mantra, Yantra, or Worship.


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