Tantric Love and Revenge Spells

In this post, I have written about two very fearsome Tantric Rituals for casting an unbreakable love spell over any desired person and a revenge spell to divide and separate two persons by creating severe enmity between them.

At the very outset, I would like to inform readers that information about these Aghor Panth Tantric Spells or Tamas Guni Kala Jadu-Tona Prayog has only been given to give knowledge about rare Indian black magic, witchcraft, and voodoo spells and not to advocate their practice.

Both these Voodoo Tantric Spells make the use of the same Tantra to cast the spells on targetted persons and the effects of these Voodoo Spells ultimately depend upon the intensity with which they are practiced by the Tantric.

These Tantric Spells can be termed as Vashikaran and Videshan Upay or Paranormal Remedies for Attraction and Creating Enmity.

However, the basic difference is that these are stand-alone Voodoo Spells that are free from any kind of Vashikaran or Videshan Mantra, or Puja-Vidhi. The Tantric only follows the rituals that have been described in this post.
Tantric Vashikaran and Videshan Upay

Tantric Spell to Bind anyone under as unbreakable Love Spell:

1] The Tantric obtains the tongues of a black-colored cat and a white-colored dog and makes a hole in these tongues and inserts a thread in the hole to bind the two tongues together.

2] Then, on a Wednesday, he concentrates on a mental image of the man or woman who is sought to be brought under the love spell and then sprinkles Eucalyptus Oil on the tongues and then buries the tongues in a farm located in a village or any other isolated place. 

To Break the Love Spell:

The Tantric removes the tongues from that spot and throws them away. This reduces the intensity of the Love Spell and ultimately the targeted person breaks free from the influence of the Love Spell.

Voodoo Revenge Spell to create enmity between two persons:

The procedure for practicing the spell is the same, the only difference is that the Tantric cuts the two tongues into 44 different pieces and concentrates on the two persons who are sought to be divided and then takes their names and buries each piece at a distance of about one foot from one another, in some isolated place.

There is no procedure to reverse this Voodoo Spell.

Notes: You can see more such rare and unique spells in the various sections of this site.

Cats and Dogs are friendly and lovable animals and they should never be harmed by anyone, including Voodoo Spell Casters and Tantrics. 


  1. Guruji, please give some possible and non-violent alternatives. The upayas provided in the post are absolutely impossible for a layman. Please suggest something easy and practical on vivekbdmathur@gmail.com

  2. Jain Tantra Shastra (Laghu Vidyaanuvaad) has the following mantra for female vashikaran. It has to be chanted 108 times at night every day for 30 days. It has been said that Indrani is also influenced by this, what about other women. In the mantra, replace "amuk stree" with her name -
    Om Sugandhavati  Sugandh vadanaa   kaminee kameshvaraaya swaha "amuk stree "vashamaanaya  vashamaanaya .ॐ सुगंधवती सुगन्ध वदना कामिनी कामेश्वराय स्वाहा "अमुक स्त्री "वशमानय वशमानय।

    1. Baba आपको ईमेल भेजी है, देख लीजियेगा

  3. कुछ ऐसे उपाय भी बताएं, जिससे हानि भी न हो और काम भी बन जाए।
    कुछ रिश्ते ऐसे भी होते हैं, जिन्हें ठीक भी करना है पर हानि भी नहीं करनी।


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