Vashikaran Love Spell Using Paper, Name and Fire

In this post, I have written about a numerical Voodoo Spell that makes the use of paper, and fire for attracting any desired man or woman for the purpose of love and marriage and make that person fall madly in love with the practitioner.

This simple and easy to practice spell can also be termed as a specific kind of Vashikaran Yantra or Naqsh.

This is a very simple but effective love spell in which the practitioner has to write the name of the desired man or woman on a piece of paper and then burn that paper in order to cast a most powerful love spell on the targeted person.

Voodoo Spells that are cast by writing the name of the desired person on paper and then burning that paper are very popular and hence they are used to cast all kinds of Voodoo Spells, including love spells, break-up spells, and spells for subduing or destroying enemies.

The basic principle of the working of these Voodoo Spells primarily depends upon the intensity with which they are practiced by the practitioner because they depend on energy transfer. Hence, single-minded intensity is very important for successfully casting these spells.

The method of casting this love spell has been described below.
1] This Vashikaran Spell can be cast on any day and as it is a standalone energy transfer spell, it is free from any kind of worship or religious ritual.

2] The practitioner has to write the numbers shown in the image and then write his and the desired person names in place of the words [ साधक का नाम – प्रेमी/प्रेमिका का नाम ] and the names of his mother and the name of the mother of the desired person in place of the words [ साधक के माँ नाम - प्रेमी/प्रेमिका के माँ का नाम ].

3] This Yantra/Naqsh has to be written on white-colored paper using black ink. The practitioner can write the numbers and names in any language. 

4] Then, the piece of paper has to be burnt to ash. The ash can be thrown outside the house or in the wash basin.

5] If the practitioner does not get success in the first attempt, he should practice the love spell for 3-4 days and as per the Vashikaran Tantra, he will get success within one week.

6] The practitioner has to be realistic in his expectations and should cast this Vashikaran Spell seriously and not for fun or just to see what happens.

7] This Vashikaran Spell can also be cast on an unloving husband or wife or an unhappy lover.

Notes- The Hindi language version of this Vashikaran Spells can also be seen on our YouTube Channel - Kagaj Par Naam Likh Kar Jaldi Vashikaran

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  1. Neelji, Why Prophet666 is written after 'J phalan Vint phalan'. Do we also have to write this.? Will this yantra work in attracting same sex people?

    1. Prophet666 is not part of the Yantra, it will work in attracting all lovers, including those of the same sex.

    2. Thanks, but why prophet666 is included in the mantra? What if his/her's mother's name is not known? Reply on, please.

  2. Please make a YouTube video of this post

    1. The video can be seen here -

    2. In many books I have seen that in place of 'Fulan bint fulan' the name of the desired person and his/her mother's name is written. Like " Ramesh Trivedi bint Sumana Trivedi"

  3. Sir What is ja phalam vinth phalam means.

  4. If we don't no her mother name then ?

  5. I may have did this for fun and it worked , this girl is getting attracted to me , never used to talk much and it's becoming frightening because now I don't love her like this , is there a way this can be reversed ?

    1. @datalink... Pls describe in detail how you did, and what kind of response you got . Thanks in advance


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