Vashikaran By Paper Fire and Perfumed Oil

The Vashikaran Totka described in this post makes the use of a special numerical Yantra and Agni or fire and Sugandhit Tel or Perfumed or Scented Oil for practicing this most simple Vashikaran Experiment for enchanting any intensely wished for man or woman and getting his or her love and affection.

This Vashikaran Yantra using “Kagaz” “Naam” “Agni” and “Sughandit Tel”  or Paper, Name, Fire and Perfumed Oil is part of the recent Vashikaran Remedies that have been posted on this site in the recent past especially for the benefit of Lay-Persons and other readers do do not have much experience in Mantra – Yantra – Tantra Sadhana.

Such interested people can practice and benefit from these most simple Indian Paranormal Remedies, which cost nothing and take very little time or effort to practice. These people can if they wish share their experiences with other readers of this site who would like to practice these simple Vashikaran Remedies.

Kagaz Naam Sugandhit Tel Aur Agni Se Vashikaran

The Vashikaran Prayog can be practiced by following the procedure given below-

1] The simple numerical Yantra given in this post can be prepared on any day on a blank white piece of paper using any colored ink. The name of the intensely desired man or woman should be written below the Yantra in place of the words “Name of the Desired Lover”.

This Yantra and the name can also be written in the Hindi/ Devanagari Script.

2] The practitioner should then think with concentration for about one minute that the desired man or woman is reciprocating the love he feels for that person and will agree to become his lover.

This Yantra can also be prepared for getting the love back of an ex-lover or an unresponsive husband or wife.

3] Then, the practitioner has to dip the Yantra in perfumed or aromatic oil and burn it to ash.

4] The ash can later on be kept in a clean place or immersed in a water body.

This simple and easy to practice Vashikaran Spell is said to cast a remote Vashikaran Love Spell on the intensely desired man or woman.

Note- I have used the words intensely desired purposely because the practitioner should desire the love and affection of this person intensely. Half-Hearted attempts at casting a Love Spell on any man or woman whom you do not truly love or are  just  infatuated by will not give the expected results.

The video and demonstration of making and practicing this Vashikaran Remedy can be seen on our YouTube Channel -


  1. Dear respected sir
    When translating from devnagiri scripts to English in some mantras letters /words are missing kindly tell translators to b very careful as ,if we miss one letter or word in mantras,that counts much
    Eg in mantra
    In Devnagiri there is no HAVAJ given in English,hope my observation is helpful

  2. How many days we have to do this?

    1. This Vashikaran Experiment should be done only one time and it can be repeated after some days if needed.

  3. It did not long it takes to work??


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