Mantra to Overcome all Opponents

In this post, I have written about a very simple and easy to practice Mantra Chant for overcoming all opponents, including enemies, jealous persons, foes, rival and unhealthy competitors and other unfriendly people who want to harm the practitioner in some way or the other by using either paranormal or conventional means.

This simple looking Mantra Chant is part of the Jain Dhanurvidya Tantra and is believed to be most effective in not only overcoming and subduing the harmful persons described above but also completely destroying and annihilating them.

Mantra to Overcome all Opponents, Rival and Enemies

It is also a very useful paranormal protection spell against black magic and other harmful voodoo spells cast by Tantriks and black magicians for lay-persons and others who are unable to practice lengthy Mantra Experiment or those who do not have the time to practice lengthy and time consuming rituals.

ॐ धणु धणु महाधणु स्वाहा ||
Om Dhanu Dhanu Mahadhanu Swaha ||

There in no Vidhi or rules of any kind prescribed for this simple, yet most powerful Mantra Chant and the Mantra can be chanted as many times as needed whenever the practitioner feels that he or she in under any kind attack or threat, including a psychic attack from any unfriendly person.

The punishment that the wrong doer gets depends upon the intensity and will power with which the practitioner chants the Mantra. This in my opinion, in the most important ingredient for success in this or any other supernatural spell that is practice for influencing or controlling the actions of other persons.

There is no need to remember or visualize upon the possible wrong doer or wrong doers because the Mantra will repulse all negative and harmful vibrations and evil energies back to the person or persons from where they have actually originated.

Hence, the more powerful the revenge spell,  psychic attack or intention to physically or mentally harm the practitioner, the more severe will be the consequences for the originator of the psychic attack or possible physical or mental attacks.

Notes- If any our readers practises this Mantra Chant, then they are requested to share their experiences with other readers of this site so that they can benefit from the shared experience.

For more options you can see the Protections Mantras, Mantra-Tantra for Enemies and other sections on various Hindu Deities.

The Hindi langauge video of this Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel -


  1. Thank you! Dear Neel, Which God should I ask to hand over this mantra? You wrote in a previous post that if I have no human guru, then a God must be asked to hand it over. Can I request this mantra from Lord Shiva?

    1. As answered to your previous comment, this is a standalone Mantra and there is no need to request it from a God, but if you wish you can request it from Shiva.

  2. LET ME TRY THIS MANTRA...................AND DEFFINATELY COMMENT FOR MANTRA AFTER,,,,,,,,,CHANT IT...............THANK YOU,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,HARA HARA MAHADEV..................SHAMBO SHANKARA........................................

  3. नमस्कार . संकल्प करून सुरू करायचा आहे का की असाच चालेल

    1. There is no need for taking any kind of Sankalp, just chant the Mantra as it is.

  4. Kindly suggest if this mantra jap is to be done with Mala? If yes then which mala, i.e. tulsi, red chandan mala etc.

    1. There is no need to use a Mala, just follow the simple procedure given in this post.

  5. can we chant during monthly cycle?

    1. Yes, the Mantra can be chanted during the Monthly Periods.

  6. Hai Neel sir when started reading it was working and started going back but after sometime same condition happens tried for 8 times till now each time chanted 108 ,70 ,41 like this

  7. My girlfriend stopped taking to me. I went to a tantric and he told me that her mother or brother has casted a magic on her with the help of a Muslim tantric.So she started hating me. Can I use this mantra to remove the hatred from her mother or brother whoever is against me?
    If I chant this mantra, will the punishment go to her mother/brother or to the tantric they are getting help from?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Great Spell, The evil intentions backfired on most of the guys

  9. it got returned to sender, when I feel threatened and chanted I feel better.
    Thank you


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