Indo Pak War Nostradamus Predictions

Nostradamus has definitely predicted about a most destructive and terrible Indo-Pak War, which is unavoidable and is a near certainty that can occur anytime in the very near future. This war, which will be a Nuclear War will in all probability be one of the most destructive war ever witnessed on the face of the earth.

Most, in-fact all attempts by astrologers on trying to predict or arrive at a date or even a period of time for this future war based upon planetary transits have repeatedly failed in the past.

This site has in the past several years tried to decode some of the Quatrains in the Centuries of Nostradamus, which could refer to the predictions about this most destructive Indo-Pak war.

Indo Pak Nuclear War Nostradamus Predictions

Those who have not read these prediction, which were published many years back can see these articles, which describe a most fearsome nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan – The Prediction of Nostradamus on the War in Punjab and The Prediction about the destruction of Pakistan By Nostradamus.

This war will be centered around the Pakistani Province of Punjab and not Kashmir as predicted by most people, including astrologers. The reasoning behind this geographical location and the result can be seen in this article –The Prediction about the Result of the Future India Pakistan War.

Another interesting possible prophecy made by Nostradamus, which could relate to the relations between India and Pakistan and the undeclared war that is going can be seen in this article - The Prophecy of Nostradamus on the undeclared war between India and Pakistan.

These interpretations are based upon the original versions of the English language translations of the  Centuries of Nostradamus. It has been proved beyond doubt that most recent interpretations of the Prophecies of Nostradamus by well known authors and news networks relating to  the future of India had been based upon false or doctored Quatrains.

Some other people are quoting the blind Bulgarian Psychic as having predicted about an Indo-Pak War, which is not true.

The air strikes on Jaish e Mohammed bases in Pakistan by the Indian Air Force and the Pakistani reaction is being seen as a trigger point for this war.

After the Pakistani reaction to the air strikes, the ball is in India’s court and the possible Indian counter reaction is awaited.

The Pulwama Suicide Attack that killed 40 soldiers of the Central Reserve Police Force on 14 February is similar and possibly related to the suicide attack in Iran on 13 February, which killed 27 Revolutionary Guards of Iran’s Army. In both these attacks, the suicide bomber targeted a bus carrying soldiers.

This all indicates that some people or powers desperately want a war and will go to any extent to start one, which ultimately destroys Pakistan whose nuclear weapons are making some countries very uncomfortable.


  1. But as of now there might not be any War.

  2. its already the quiet of the night slowly pak disturbs us


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