Talisman for Total Self Protection

In this post, I have written about a Self Protection Talisman or a Suraksha Taweez, which is said to possess the supernatural power of giving total protection against all kinds of dangers, including dangers from accidents, enemies, natural disasters and paranormal entities, like ghosts, spirits, demons and vampires.

This Self Protection Talisman, which originates from Jainism is so simple and easy to make that it can be easily prepared and used by any person who knows how to write in the Hindi/  Devanagari Script.

Even those who do not know how to write in the Hindi/  Devanagari Script can also prepare the Taweez by simply copying the 10 words or Dus Akshari Mantra on a white piece of paper or Bhojpatra as described below in this post.

The procedure of making and using the Self Protection Talisman/ Atma Raksha Taweez. 

1] The Mantra given below does not have to be chanted, but it has to be written on a Bhojpatra using the paste of Gorochana with any small pointed wooden or metal stick. This can be done on any day as there is no need to wait for an auspicious occasion or Shubh Muhurat in order to make this Taweez.

ॐ णमो जिणाणं जिय भयाणं कित्तणे भयादूं उवसंमतु ह्रीं स्वाहा ||
Om Namo Jinaanam Jiya Bhyaanam Kittane Bhayaadoom Uvasamatu Hreem Swaha ||

2] Then, it should be folded and inserted in a Red Colored Cloth Tabeez and tied around the waist using a red colored thread.

3] After preparing the Taweez, it should be offered Dhoop/ Deep and worshiped as per the desire or wishes of the practitioner.

4] The Hindi/ Devanagari version of this Suraksha Tabeez Mantra has to be written on the Bhojpaatra. The English language version has only been given for the sake of convenience.

Notes- As this is a Mantra, which has its origins in Jainism, the practitioner has to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. However, the Tantra has not prescribed the practice of any other rules regarding worship, fasting or food for using this Suraksha Yantra.

The practitioner should have a bath and wear clean clothes before making this Self Protection Talisman.

Kindly see the Protection Mantras, Yantras and other sections of this site for many more such supernatural remedies of all kinds for the protection of the self, family and loved ones.

The Hindi language video of this Miraculous Talisman can be seen on our YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xL-kFuWuTas


  1. i am first time visitor to your website i am so impressed reading your blog.

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  2. Namaskar..
    Pure gorachan is next to impossible.. Will what is offered in market do..


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