Yantra to Cause All Kinds of Problems for Enemy

A special Shartu Nivaran Tantra, involving a Yantra to cause all kinds of problems, distress, harassment and suffering to an enemy has been described by me in this post, In the Hindi language this Yantra is called as Shatru Ko Kalesh Aur Kasht Dene Ka Yantra.

This Yantra, which vibrates to the numerical frequency of 124 is also called as the Ek Sou Choubis Ka Yantra.

Using this Shatru Nivaran Yantra against an enemy will surround that enemy with all kinds of troubles and suffering, like disputes and fights with other other persons, money and business related problems, health related problems and family problem. This will divert the attention of the enemy and he will have no time to cause problems for the practitioner.

Yantra to Cause All Kinds of Problems for Enemy

The procedure of making and using the Ek Sou Choubis Ka Yantra is given below.

1] The Yantra can be prepared on any day at any time by writing it on a plain white piece of paper using Black Colored Ink or on a small stone using a piece of coal for drawing the Yantra on the stone.

2] Then, the Yantra should be buried near the main entrance of the house of the enemy.

3] As per the Tantra, when the enemy crosses the spot where the Yantra has been buried, he will be surrounded by all kinds of distress and anguish, including mental and physical suffering.

The method of stopping the effects of the Yantra.

The good thing about this Yantra is that the practitioner has control over it and can easily to an end to the suffering of the enemy by simply removing the Yantra for the place where it has been buried and either keeping it in an isolated place or immersing it in a water body.

Note- This is a standalone Yantra and apart from the simple procedure mentioned in this post there is no need to practice any kind of worship or ritual.

Ultimately, the success of this experiment will depend upon the intensity with which it is practiced by the practitioner.

The Yantra should be used with caution and that too against an enemy who is a constant threat to your life and is causing all kinds of problems for you or your family members and near and dear ones.

See the sections on Mantra and Tantra for Enemy Problems and Yantra for many more options for resolving problems related to enemies.

Hindi language video of the same Yantra Prayog can be seen on our YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOQOrYkpVM8


  1. tell me one thing, the place to be buries is mentioned as main entrance .
    these days people have compound wall and gate .

    So yantra should be buried inside the compund wall or , burying outside will also be ok ?

    1. It can be buried on the main entrance on the outside of the compound wall.

  2. Hello guruji,
    can it be buried in any place in society

    1. No, only near the main entrance of the enemy as written in the post.

    2. Pranaam Guru
      What if at the entrance there is concrete and cannot be buried? Any other option?

    3. You, can try inserting the Yantra in a gap in the entrance, if that is possible.

  3. Guruji Sir what if the enemy is your room-mate and you both live in the same house? Will it affect you too if you walk past it or only the enemy it was meant for? What if all the people in the house where you live are enemies as well? Will it affect them all or only affect one person per yantra?

    1. The Yantra is only meant for enemies, it will only affect the enemies for whom you have prepared the Yantra.

    2. Perfect! Thank you Guruji Namaste

    3. Guruji one more question please; in order for this yantra to be effective, does the enemy have to walk directly over (on top) of the spot where it is buried, or is it enough that they just walk past it? Please advise. Thank you.

    4. P.S., I am in Ketu-Rahu dasa right now, with Ketu in 2nd bhava, and even though I am doing Lal-Kitab remedies for both Ketu and Rahu daily, enemies still attack me unjustly on a very frequent basis. This is why I need to distract them, strictly for self-defense. It is a crucial matter of my survival because I cannot afford to get away or live in an ashram right now.
      Thank you so much for this post. It's great because I don't want them to hear my mantras.

    5. The Yantra has to be buried as mentioned near the main entrance for it to do its work, the enemy may or may not step direct above it, that is not important.

  4. pls sir, the figures in the yantra is english do we have to write it the same way

  5. If enemy live in building then were it should be kept as other people will also came across it

  6. Guru my enemy lives in foreign place what to so


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