Inauspicious Period Iron Yantra to Harass Enemy

This is another Yantra for harassing and creating all kinds of problems for an enemy who has wronged you and has become a constant threat to your existence. The procedure or Vidhi of preparing this Yantra is different from other Yantras for the same purpose. Hence, this post could be of interest to followers of  Indian Yantra Shastra.

The simple procedure described below is normally followed by a Tantrik, Black Magician or Voodoo Spell Caster for making and using this Yantra.

Lohe Ka Patra Yantra to Harass Enemy

1] The Yantra has to be prepared on a Ashubh Kaal or inauspicious period on a Saturday. To know about the Ashubh Kaal on the Saturday on which you are going to practice this experiment, you will have to consult the Hindu Lunar Calendar to find out the exact timings of the inauspicious periods on that particular Saturday for the place of your residence.

2] The procedure is simple, the Yantra should be prepared on a Lohe Ka Patra or small thin sheet of iron.

4] It has to be drawn with black colored ink using an iron nail as the writing instrument.

4] Then, the Yantra has to be heated on a fire. While heating the Yantra, the practitioner has to imagine that he is heating the enemy on the fire.

The Yantra can be heated until it starts turning red hot, after, which it can be thrown outside your house, after it cools down a bit so that it will not hurt any person.

Notes- These are very deadly and fearsome Tantrik Experiments for putting an end to enemy problems or to harass an enemy. Hence, such dangerous Yantra Prayogs should be practiced as a last resort and not for frivolous problems or small provocations.

The end result as mentioned in earlier articles depends upon the intensity with which you perform the Yantra Prayog.


  1. Sir,
    Is this guru asta from November 12 to december 10 , in which we cannot start new sadhana because it is inauspicious period ( as per ashok mehta sir ).
    So is this guru asta period from november12 to december 10 is a inauspicious period , please please please reply thankyou. .. .

    1. Normally Rahu Kaal, Gulik Kaal and Yamagandam Kaal are considered to be inauspicious periods, you can check the Panchang for your location to known about these and other inauspicious timings for Saturday.

  2. I need to know if the ashubh kaal yantra can be made :
    1.using any other metal sheet such as galvanised iron, copper
    2. Does the metal piece necessarily needs to be a square piece or can it be circular
    3. While making the yantra can black permanent marker ink or black calligraphy ink be used.
    Kindly advise.

    1. The timings for ashubh kaal like, rahu kaal. gulik kaal, yamagandam kaal can only be known from you local panchang. The rest of the procedure should be as mentioned in the post.


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