Easy Vashikaran By Water Love Spell

In this post, I have written about a simple Vashikaran Yantra Prayog using Water to cast a Voodoo Love  Spell over any desired person or more than one person. This Vashikaran Yantra Prayog is much easier to practice than the earlier Vashikaran By Water Spells described on this site.

This Vashikaran Yantra Prayog can be used as a standalone spell to bind one person or to bind more than one person at the same time.

The Vashikaran Vidhi is given below:
1] The practitioner can practice this Vashikaran Prayog on any day without the need to perform any kind of prayer or chant any Vashikaran or Akarshan Mantra.

2] A Numerical Yantra is shown in the image given below. This Vashikaran Yantra has to be drawn on the bottom side of a glass of water using Kumkum / Sindoor Paste as the ink and any pointed metal or wooden stick as the pen.

The Sindoor Paste can be prepared by adding a few drops of water to the Sindoor and mixing it.

3] Then, water has to be poured into the glass and given to the desired man or woman to drink in order to cast an attraction spell over that person and make him friendly, cooperative, and open to any suggestions given by the practitioner.

4] In order to cast a Vashikaran Spell on more than one person, the Vashikaran Yantra can be written on the bottom of a Jug and the water should be offered to the targeted people whom the practitioner wants to bind under an attraction spell.

Notes – The Hindi language video of this Vashikaran Prayog can be seen on our YouTube Channel – Pani Se Vashikaran Karne Ke Saral Vidhi

Seen the various sections on Vashikaran for more related Attraction Spells, Vashikaran Yantras and Charms.


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  2. Hello Sir,can we also wear this yantra as a tabiz?

  3. Aakarshan by water------
    || Om Namo Trijat Lambodar vad vad "Amukeem" Aakarshaya Aakarshaya swaahaa   || ॐ नमो त्रिजट लम्बोदर वद वद "अमुकीं " आकर्षय आकर्षय स्वाहा ||   - Take a glass of water.Read this mantra 108 times on the water, then put it towards your bed and go to sleep and if you wake up in the middle of the night , drink this water.Repeat this for 21 days,  That woman herself will come to you. Replace" Amukeem"with the name of the woman whom you want to attract.

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