Mantra for Power to Dominate Lions

In this post, I have written about a Stambhan or Immobilization Mantra Prayog to control and dominate Lions by immobilizing their strength and voice [ roar].

This Mantra Experiment for being able to control Lions appears in an authentic Shabar Tantra Text. It can be considered a Supernatural Mantra Experiment, which has been practiced successfully by an Advanced Sadhak in the past.

However, extreme caution should be exercised by anyone desiring to practice this Mantra Experiment because such Supernatural Mantra Experiments are normally practiced by advanced practitioners of Mantra Sadhana.

Spell for Power to Dominate Lions

The method of gaining Mastery over this Mantra has been described below:

1] Siddhi is gained by chanting the Simha Stambhan Mantra given below 10,000 times. The Mantra chanting should be done in any lonely and isolated place where the chances of being disturbed during the Mantra Sadhana are very remote.

ॐ ह्रीं ह्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं श्रीं स्वाहा ||

Om Hreem Hreem Hreem Shreem Shreem Swaha ||

2] There are no rules like Disha, Mala or Aasan or Puja-Vidhi prescribed for the Siddhi Sadhana. Hence, the practitioner can face any direction and use any preferred counting rosary and sitting mat, while chanting the selected Stambhan Mantra.

The procedure of using the Mantra to Immobilize Lions:

1] After gaining Siddhi over the preferred Lion Immobilization Mantra, the practitioner has to take a small piece of iron or the pointed end of an arrow or any other iron weapon and keep it in front of himself and chant the Stambhan Mantra 108 times while looking at the piece of iron.

2] This procedure infuses the piece of iron with the power and potency of the Stambhan Mantra.

3] Then, as per the Shabar Stambhan Tantra, this infused piece of iron should be thrown in front of the Lion/Lions to immobilize them. As per the Stambhan Tantra, the Lion becomes powerless as its strength and roar [ sound] are immobilized.

The Shabar Tantra also does not indicate if this Mantra Experiment can be used to pacify similar wild beasts like Tigers and Bears.   

A similar Mantra Experiment using a different Beej Mantra but having similar rules was published a few years back on this site, That post can be seen here - Mantra to Control and Make Lions Docile

Notes: See the sections on Mantras and Tantras for Enemies and Protection Mantras for many more such rare and interesting Mantras, Yantras, and Paranormal Remedies.


  1. This has already been Shared Sir. But can this mantra be chanted without the nail?


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