Muslim Evil Eye Removal Ritual

In this post, I have described the procedure of practicing an Islamic Voodoo Evil-Eye Exorcism Ritual that makes the use of a numerical Yantra or Naqsh to remove the harmful effects of the Malevolent Gaze or Buri Nazar from the body and surroundings of the affected person.

This Muslim Exorcism Ritual is similar to some Buri Nazar Nashak Yantra Experiments, which have already been published on this site over the past few years.

The evil-gaze exorcism ritual is simple and easy to practice and any person desirous of removing the evil-eye from a possessed person can practice it without difficulty.

The procedure of practicing this Islamic Evil-Eye Removal Ritual is given below:

1] The ritual can be practiced as and when it is needed. There is no Shubh Muhurat or specific timings and dates prescribed for practicing this exorcism ritual.

2] The Naqsh shown in the image given below should be prepared on white paper using black or any other ink.
Muslim Voodoo Evil Eye Exorcism Ritual

3] Then, it should be folded and placed inside a waterproof oilcloth called Momjama, which is normally used as the cloth of a Taweez and then, tied with a thread around the neck of the person affected by the Evil-Eye,

4] Then after any one of the Five Mandatory Muslim Prayers called Maghrib, the practitioner should make the person affected by the Evil-Eye lie-down and prepare another similar Naqsh and then roll it and use it as a wick in a Diya of Cow Ghee and light it and place it near the head of the affected person.

5] The procedure described in the fourth point should be practiced for three days, including the first day.

6] After three days, the Diya that has been used for this evil-eye removal ritual should be buried anywhere outside the house.

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