Ram Mantras for Fulfilling Wishes and Gaining Money

In this post, I have described two Most Effective Shri Ram Mantras for fulfilling wishes and desires and for getting every kind of wealth and gaining Vashikaran Shakti, Power, and Influence.

Even though there are likely to be more than one procedure of chanting these Ram Mantras, I have tried to give an easy and uncomplicated method for the benefit of lay-persons, which can be as effective and beneficial as the lengthier procedures.

Shri Ram Mantra to Fulfil Any Wish or Desire:

This Shri Mantra Mantra is derived from the Shri Ram Rahasaya Upanishad, which is an addition to the Atharva Veda, and hence it is an ancient Ram Mantra.

Benefits of this Shri Ram Mantra;

This Shri Ram Mantra will fulfill even the most difficult of wishes, desires, and aspirations of the practitioner.

ॐ श्रीं रां दशरथाय सीतावल्लभाय 
सर्वाभीष्टदाय नमः ||

Om Shreem Ram Dashrathaaya Sitaavallabhaaya Sarvaabhishtadaaya Namah ||

The easy procedure to chant this Shri Ram Mantra:

The practitioner can chant this Shri Ram Mantra 7, 11, or 21 times in the morning or before bed-time or on both these times after doing Smaran of Shri Ram and Dhayan of Shri Ram in his heart.

The Mantra chanting should be continued until the wish or desire of the practitioner is fulfilled.

Note: The Hindi language video of this Shri Ram Mantra can be viewed on our YouTube Channel – Kisi Bhi Iccha Aur Manokamana Ko Puri Karne Ka Shri Ram Mantra
Ram Mantra to fulfil wish and gain wealth

Shri Ram Mantra for Wealth, Strength, and Attraction Powers:

Benefits of this Shri Ram Mantra:

1] Attraction of all kinds of wealth, including money, property, vehicles, and houses.

2] Increase in the attraction powers of the practitioner.

3] Influence, Powers, and Physical as well as mental strength and energy.

About this Shri Ram Mantra

This Ram Mantra is composed using the Most Powerful Maya Beej – Hreem, Mahalakshmi Beej – Shreem, and Akarshan Beej – Kleem along with “Ram Naam” which in itself generates immense power and energy.

ॐ राम ॐ राम ॐ राम | ह्रीं राम ह्रीं राम | श्रीं राम श्रीं राम | क्लीं राम क्लीं राम | फ़ट् राम फ़ट् | रामाय नमः ||

Om Ram Om Ram Om Ram | Hreem Ram Hreem Ram | Shreem Ram Shreem Ram | Kleem Ram Kleem Ram | Phat Ram Phat | Raamaaya Namah ||

How to chant this Shri Ram Mantra:

The practitioner should do Smaran of Shri Ram and then do Dhyan that Shri Ram is in his heart and then chant the Mantra for about 5 minutes in the morning or night or on both these times.

Note: The Hindi language video of this Shri Ram Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel – Apar Dhan-Daulat, Vashikaran Shakti Aur Bal Paane Ka Shri Ram Mantra


  1. नीलजी,टंकण की त्रुटि दिख रही है। संस्कृत में भीष्ट शब्द नहीं होता। अभीष्ट शब्द होता है ,जिसका अर्थ है =अभिलषित,चाहा हुआ ,प्रिय ।
    सर्व +अभीष्ट =सर्वाभीष्ट। तो यहां होना चाहिए --सर्वाभीष्टदाय ।

    1. Yes, it is सर्वाभीष्टदाय, thanks for pointing out.


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