Eight Powerful Unique Vashikaran Upay to Attract Everyone

In this post, I have written about eight unique and powerful Vashikaran Experiments or Upay to attract all people, including desired people which will work effectively only if they are practiced on specific days of the week. These are Vashikaran Experiments that are practiced without the use of a Vashikaran or Mohini Mantra.

1] Writing the name of your lover or husband/wife on the leaf of the Lotus Flower with the paste of Gorochana and then crushing the leaf finely to make a paste and then applying that paste on the forehead as a Tilak will cast a potent love spell on the husband/wife or lover. This Vashikaran Upay will be successful if it is practiced on Saturdays.

2] Crushing the root of the petiole or stalk of a Betel Leaf / Paan Ke Patte Ka Danthal in Hindi to make a paste and applying that paste upon the forehead as a Tilak will make all people, including the desired person, come under your most powerful Mohini-Vashikaran Love Spell. This Vashikaran Tilak Upay will give the desired result only if it is practiced on Wednesdays.

3] Preparing a paste of Swet Durva or White Bermuda grass and Sweet Potato or Shakarkand in Hindi and applying that paste on the forehead as a Vashikaran Tilak will make the practitioner appear desirable and seductive to all those who see him with the Vashikaran Tilak on his forehead. This Vashikaran Upay will work on all days of the week. 
Potent Vashikaran Upay to Enchant Everyone

4] The Juice of the Sahadevi Plant / arrowleaf sida should be mixed with the seeds of a Tulsi / Holy Basil Plant and crushed to prepare a fine Vashikaran Paste and that paste should be applied as a Vashikaran Tilak on the forehead to appear attractive to all men and women. This Vashikaran Tilak Experiment will be effective only if it is practiced on Sundays.

5] Mansil Powder and Sweet Potato should be mixed in the juice of the Betel Leaf on Tuesdays to make a Vashikaran Paste, which can be applied on the forehead to enchant all persons, including lovers or spouses. 

6] The paste of the mixture of Mansil Powder, Banana, and Kapur / Camphor should be prepared on Saturdays and applied on the forehead as Vashikaran Tilak to cast a Voodoo Attraction Spell on all people.

7] The root of the Brahmadandi Plant / Tricholepis glaberrima, Vekhand / Sweet Flag / Acorus calamus, and Kut / Saussurea costus should be kept inside a Betel Leaf and kept in the pocket on Sundays to cast a Voodoo Enchantment Spell on everyone. This spell works only on Sundays.

8] The practitioner should pray to a Bargad / Banyan Tree and request permission to take a small portion of its root on Sundays; this is called Nimantran and then rub that root with water to prepare a paste. This paste should be mixed with the ash of Dhoop / Agarbatti from the Puja Ghar and then applied on the forehead as a Vashikaran Tilak to cast a Vashikaran-Mohini Spell on all persons.

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  1. Neelji..im an ardent follower of ur website.. I have a doubt please help me.. as u know hum phat.. where is this used and for what.. is it sattvic or tantric.. for example I have been given a mantra by my teacher..om shreem hreem shriye laxminarayanum hum phat..
    Is this a correct one? Please reply

    1. It the the first time I have come across this Mantra, if your Guru has given it to you have faith in him.

  2. Sir,,please tell me the mantra for curing Narcissism,my husband has Npd ,,,he lacks zero empathy..which mantra should I recite


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