Powerful Healing Mantra Experiments Using Water

In this post, I have explained a simple procedure of infusing water with the strength and potency of Strong Healing Mantras and then drinking that Mantra Infused Water to get relief from that disease, ailment, or disorder.

The best thing about all these Powerful and Effective Healing Mantra Experiments is that they are very simple and easy to practice, and they can also be practiced on any other sick person for curing him of that disease or illness.

I have written about some of these Healing By Water Mantras over the past several years, but I am still writing about them because they can prove to be very useful and beneficial to most sick and ailing people or those who wish to give relief to other sick persons.
Healing Disease By Water

The Procedure of Practicing these Healing By Water Mantras:
1] The method of practicing all these Healing Mantras is the same and the practitioner can practice them as and when needed. There is no Puja-Vidhi or any other specific rules prescribed for practicing these Healing Remedies.

2] The practitioner should take a small quantity of drinking water in a small glass or cup and hold the cup or glass in his right hand and chant the Healing Mantra 21 times for infusing the water with the power of the Healing Mantra.

3] Then the Healing Mantra Infused Water should be consumed or given to the patient to drink. This procedure can be repeated every day until the practitioner, or his patient gets relief.

Healing Mantra to Get Relief from Back and Spine Problems:.

This Healing Mantra is effective in curing all diseases, ailments, and diseases related to the back and spinal cord, including back pain, Vertebral fractures, and slipped disc.

The practitioner should chant both the Healing Mantras given below 21-21 times one after the other to infuse the water.

ॐ धं धनुर्धारी भ्याम् नमः ||
Om Dham Dhanurdhari Bhyaam Namah ||

ॐ पां पार्वती भ्याम् नमः ||
Om Paam Parvati Bhyaam Namah ||

The Hindi language video can be seen here: Kamar Aur Peeth Dard Se Mukti Pane Ka Mantra

Healing Mantra to Nose Related Diseases:
This Healing Mantra gives relief from all nose-related diseases, ailments, and disorders, including sinus problems, cough-cold, fever, running nose, nasal bleed, and pain.

ॐ यम् यमघंटा भ्याम् नमः ||
Om Yam Yamghanta Bhyaam Namah ||

The Hindi language video can be seen here: Sardi- Jukam Se Aaram Pane Ka Mantra

Healing Mantra for Heart Diseases:
The Healing Mantra can give relief from all diseases and disorders connected to the heart, including pain in the chest and shoulders, breathing problems, heart attack and blockage in the heart, tension, stress, weakness, fatigue, and high and low blood pressure.

ॐ लं ललितादेवी भ्याम् नमः ||
Om Lam Lalitadevi Bhyaam Namah ||

The Hindi language video of this Healing Mantra can be seen here: Hriday Rog Se Chutkara Pane Ka Rog Nashak Mantra

Healing Mantra to Get Relief from all Gas Problems:
This Healing Mantra removes all stomach gas, acidity, constipation, indigestion, and other problems connected to the stomach.

ॐ तारणि तारय मोचनि मोचय मोक्षणी जीव वर्दे स्वाहा ||
Om Taarani Taaraya Mochani Mochaya Mokshani Jeev Varde Swaha ||

The Hindi language video can be seen on our YouTube Channel: Pet Se Gas Nikalne Ka Rog Nashak Mantra

Notes: All kinds of Healing Remedies, Healing Mantra and Yantras can be seen in the sections on Health Mantra, Healing Charms and Yantras, and Paranormal Healing Remedies.

The Hindi Language videos of all these Healing Mantras can be seen on our YouTube Channel: Prophet666


  1. Pranaam Guruji. Thanks for posting healing mantras.It will help people who are in need.

  2. Hello are there mantras for joints problems, for all purpose physical healing and any for emotional/psychological healing?

  3. Respected Neel Guruji,
    i want to chant the mantra given above for Gas troubles. I want to do few malas on Diwali night to make it more potent, how many malas would be beneficial? if you could please suggest.
    Thanks for always guiding me and all of us.
    Happy Deepawali.

    1. The Mantra will work just as effectively on any day, including the period of Diwali.


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