Help of Ghosts in Naked Mantra Sadhana

There are some special kind of Mantra Sadhans and Tantric Experiments, which are to be practiced completely naked without wearing any clothes. In this post, I have given a couple of simple tips to Sadhaks who are engaged in such Nagna Mantra-Tantra Prayogas.

There are many Sadhanas, especially Vaam Marg and even some Mishra Marg Sadhanas, which have to be either fully or partially practiced in a Nagna or Nude State.

On the higher dimensions, there is a deeper connection between Nagna Sadhana and the practice of Yoga without wearing clothes, probably having the same origins. However, this should not be confused with a Fad called Naked Yoga.

The main reason could probably the help of unseen paranormal beings who could be attracted towards an advanced spiritualist meditating or practicing paranormal rituals and trying to reach higher dimension.

A couple of recommendations for Sadhaks practicing Tantric Experiments in a Nude State are quite relevant in this context.

If the Sadhak has to go in a naked state at night somewhere to bring home a Vanaspati, Plant and Tree Part or any other Tantric item, including an animal part for use in a Sadhana, then while coming back, the Sadhak should not glance back over his shoulder.

At night, if the Sadhak is returning back to his home or Ashram after practicing or completing a Mantra-Tantra Sadhana, then also it is advisable not to glance back over the shoulder.

This reason for doing so, in both the examples given above is that the Nanga Sadhak has no fear from Bhoot-Pret, Pishacha or any other ghostly, demonic or unseen mystical beings.

It-fact, Bhoot-Pret and other Atmas, secretly help and advise the Nanga Sadhak in successfully performing the Sadhana. It is said that if the Nanga Sadhak looks back over his shoulder, while returning back to his home, then the helpful ghosts and spirits will disappear and the Sadhana will remain incomplete.

Note- If any Sadhak or Yogi has experienced the kind of paranormal help mentioned in this post, kindly write about your experiences. 


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