Most Powerful Mantra to Appease Kul or Ishta Devta

In these modern times many people, especially those who have migrated to other nations do not know about their Kul Devta or Family Deity. Many people do not have an Ishta Devta or Favored Deity and even if they have one, they are confused about which Mantra to chant to get the blessings of the Ishta Devata because there are many different Mantras dedicated to most Hindu Gods and Goddesses and hence these people do not have a preferred Mantra.

We regularly get numerous requests asking us to clarify these most important components of Mantra Sadhana. We have written about most of these points in some earlier posts and in this post, I have tried to make it easier for these Sadhaks by describing a most simple but effective method of appeasing both your Kul Devta, even if you do not have one or your Ishta Devta.

The simple Mantra, which I have written about in this post will enable the practitioner to meditate upon his Kul Devta or Ishta Devta and attract the most powerful energy in the Brahmand or the Universe and get success in anything and everything and even make the impossible possible.

The Mantra described in this post, is dedicated to many Gods and even saints like Shri Swami Samarth and Sai Baba of Shirdi and the practitioner can dedicate it to his Kul Devta or Ishta Devta and if chanted with total faith and dedication it will be able to generate the most powerful vibrations.

I have given two versions of the same Mantra with and without Om and the practitioner can chant anyone these two versions as many times as he likes depending upon his wishes.
Kul or Ishta Devta Meditation Mantra

The Mantra to appease and get the blessing of the Family Deity or the Favored Deity:

त्रैलोक्य नाथाय नमः ||
Trailokya Nathaya Namah ||
ॐ त्रैलोक्य नाथाय नमः ||
Om Trailokya Nathaya Namah ||

The meaning of this Mantra: I seek the blessings of the Ever Existent One who is the Lord of the Three Worlds or Heaven, Hell, and Earth.

The main reason for prescribing this Mantra to Meditate upon the Ishta or Kul Devta:

1] This simple Mantra does not confine the limits of your favored or family deity within fixed boundaries by attributing some special powers to the deity or rules like Disha, Aasan, Mala, etc.

2] I have tried to highlight this point in many of the Mantras published on this site because this reduces the power of the energy that you are going to attract by focusing all your energy and concentration on that deity.

3] Think and visualize that the God or Goddess whose Mantra you are chanting is limitless and beyond description and that all of creation is contained within that deity and that the deity is the overlord of everything or the entire Universe.

Note: You can see the Hindi language version of this Mantra on our YouTube Channel: Vishwa Ke Sabse Shaktishali Urja Ka Akarshan Karne Ka Mantra


  1. Something in my family is very angry because she or he wants an animal bali. But we are not living in India. And I don't want to kill an innocent animal. He or she want we do Durga pooja. Than he or she is ok. But we don't have good pandits here and i do not trust them. So will this mantra also calm the energie in our family? Everything goes very difficult.

  2. Neel sir..these past few days,I am not able to see Mr.sathya nidhi's comments.hopefully all is okay and fine with sathya nidhi ji.
    Thank you Neel sir.

  3. Would like for you to elaborate in layman terms 1-3


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