One Beej Mantra for All Purposes

In this post, I have written about a Magical One Word Beej Mantra Heem-हीं for getting success in any desired work or task or fulfilling any wish or cherished desire, including wishes about the gain of money and property, the attraction of any person for any motive or destruction of enemies and hidden foes.

This One Word Heem Beej Mantra for everything can prove to be a Rambaan Upay or an Infallible Mantra Remedy for those seekers and Practitioners of Mantra Vidya who are trying to find a one-stop solution for fulfilling all their material as well as supernatural desires.

I have written about this Magical Heem Beej Mantra in some other articles, in which I had discussed its use in getting success in various tasks or fulfilling specific wishes. In this post, I will tell you how to utilize the tremendous power of this Beej Mantra to get success in anything you desire.

About the Heem Beej Mantra: This is a very powerful Beej Mantra, which is not specifically associated with any Hindu God, Goddess, or any other deity. However, it is connected to the Brahmand or Universe and hence it is capable of generating immense energy and this is the reason why it is included in many Mantras to increase their powers and effectiveness. 

Some of the Purposes for which the Heem Beej Mantra can be chanted:

1] To gain any money, wealth, property, and every kind of abundance and prosperity.

2] To enchant and attract any desired man or woman or all persons for any purpose, including love, marriage, or business.

3] To finish enemies and hidden rivals by removing them from your life or destroying them altogether.

4] To get domestic peace and cordial and loving relations with your spouse and gain progeny.

5] To get relief from diseases, sickness, and disorders and regain your health.

6] For gain of scientific, spiritual, and divine knowledge.

7] This is a very powerful Beej Mantra for removing obstacles and delays.

How to Chant the Heem Beej Mantra:

1] The Beej Mantra can be chanted on any day at any time to fulfill a specific wish or get success in any work or task.

2] The practitioner should remember the wish he wants to be fulfilled or the task in which he is seeking success and then chant the Heem Beej Mantra mentally or verbally for about 5 minutes in the morning or before going to sleep at night.
Heem Beej Mantra

3] If the practitioner wants to chant the Mantra for a fixed number of days he can do so by taking a Sankalp to do so.

Note: The Hindi language of the One Beej Mantra for All Purposes can be seen on our YouTube Channel: Kisi Bhi Manokamana Ko Puri Karne Ka Chamatkari Beej Mantra


  1. Neel sir...can we chant heem without saying out our needs or wishes,with the beleive that it (the chanting of heem) would do it for us as our needs or wishes are already there in our mind/sub conscious.
    Hope you would answer and guide sir...

    1. Yes, that is a good way of chanting this Mantra, which will fulfil what is in your inner mind.

  2. Neel sir..thank you so much sir for answering and guiding.
    Thank you again,dear sir.

  3. Neel sir..can heem be also used to prevent negative energies like the evil eye or for demonic attacks.

    You had mentioned sir that it can be used for wishes,to remove enemies,to gain knowledge,for better health,to remove obstacles,for attraction and for domestic peace but such thing as evil energies was not mentioned in your kind of really keen to know that.
    Please do guide dear sir.

  4. Neel sir..thank you so much for answering and guiding.
    Thank you again dear sir.

  5. Pl adv difference between Hreem and Heem. Have been reading all about Hreem beej mantra

  6. Can we just chant a mantra and fulfill our all wishes without thinking this should be fulfilled first and this next?
    Because sometimes we need or want many things to happen in our life and can't focus on only one wish at a time..

    1. Yes, you can use that technique, the inner most wish will be fulfilled.


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