Magical Beej Mantra for Fulfilling Any Wish

Many of our regular readers regularly request me to write about a simple and easy to chant Standalone Magical Mantra for fulfilling all or any tasks and getting success in anything desired by them. In this post, I have described one such most powerful Beej Mantra for fulfilling any wish or getting success in any task.

Any wish or desire, including wishes related to gain of money and wealth, removal of enemies and diseases, the attraction of any man or woman, and progress in job and business can be fulfilled by chanting this Magical Beej Mantra.

The Beej Mantra given in this Post comprises of 3 Most Powerful Beej Mantras, which I have described below.

Most Powerful  Beej Mantra for Fulfilling Any Desire

Om-ॐ – Represents the Parabrahma or the Ever-Existent One, the One in whom rests all of Creation.

Hreem ह्रीं: The Root of Beej Mantra of Mahalakshmi Devi and Bhuveneshwari Devi. Hreem is also called the Maya Beej Mantra.

Kleem क्लीं: This is Krishna Beej Mantra and the Kali Mata Beej Mantra. Kleem is also the Kaam Beej Mantra.

ॐ ह्रीं क्लीं नमः ||
Om Hreem Kleem Namah ||

The Procedure of Chanting this All Purpose Beej Mantra:

1] It should be chanted as much times as possible daily or for a fixed number of Mantra Chants. This will generate the necessary vibrations of the Mantra.

Some texts have mentioned that the Beej Mantra will be Siddh or Mastered by chanting it 700, 000 times.

2] There is no recommendation of Puja-Vidhi or rules, like Disha, Aasan, or Mala prescribed for the chanting of this Beej Mantra.

3] The practitioner should have clarity about the wish, desire, or purpose for which he is chanting the Mantra because the Mantra will fulfill the innermost wishes or desires of the practitioner.

4] Chanting the Mantra will concentration, will power and self-confidence is essential.

Note- The Hindi language video of this Beej Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel - Mahashaktishali Sarva Manokamna Purti Beej Mantra 


  1. Thanks guruji, bt I need ur suggestion
    Can I chant
    Om Aim Hreem Kleem Namah

    1. Means can I include Aim also n can do jaap as (OmAim Hreem Kleem Namah.)
      Is thr any vidhi or rule to jaap dis mantra

    2. Respected Guruji
      I have owl's wing I got from forest can u suggest me how can energize this wing for get money vashikaran in job
      mail vikasrbodke38@gmail.
      WhatsApp 8975316536

    Harassment from husband? Divorce Problem?Danger from enemy?
    Shri Asuri Durga Mantra protects from enemies ,prevents divorce by controlling husband and attracts people,wealth and prosperity.Both gentle and cruel mantra usage of Goddess Durga are found in Tantra books. When we worship without wishing, we want the grace of Mother to be with us. But when we are surrounded by enemies due to special circumstances or by the husband's harassment, poison is dissolved in the wife's life, threatening divorce or divorce proceedings. increase troubles in life and there is no way to get out of the crisis, then the  destructive form of Mother has to be remembered. One of such forms is that of Asuri Durga.
    Mantra---Om hreem katuke katukpatre subhage aasuri rakte raktvaasase Atharvan duhite aghore ghor karm kaarike  'AMUKASYA'gatim dah dah upavishtasya gudam dah dah ,suptasya mano dah dah ,prabuddhasya hridayam dah dah han han pach pach taawat dah dah taawat pach pach yaawanme vashmaayaati hum phat swaahaa .viniyogah---Asya shri asuri durga mantrasya Angiras rishih ,viraat chhandah ,Asuri durga devtaa,om beejam,swaahaa shaktih,mam shri aasuri durga prasaad poorvak abheesht karm sidhyarthe jape viniyogah 
    (Replace 'amukasya'with the name of a certain individual/enemy/husband.)
    Purashcharan ---10,000,

  3. What is the difference between chanting only the "Kleem mantra", or the Heem beej mantra or only the Ohm hreem namah mantra for wishes? Coming back to the above post, what if we have multiple wishes at once? 700,000 times per wish? Like wishes as health and attracting someone together?

    1. You need to chant 700000 times to get Siddhi of the Mantra. After that, when you have a wish, you can chant in multiples of 108 times, for the other wishes.

  4. It will take many months, rather many years to complete 700000 mantras cycle. So, is it wise in our daily schedule to start working on this mantra? Please reply.

    1. In 2013, I discovered a long term mantra on this site and chanted it for 4 years, after which I got Siddhi of that mantra. It also required chanting 700000 times. After that, whenever I need, I chant that mantra 108 times and see immediate results.

      As Mr Neel has mentioned here, this is a long term Sadhana and it will require seriousness to complete. If you really need something in life, you should do a Sankalp and get started.

    2. Yes, it will take many months, but if you're serious about getting your desires, then you shouldn't mind. Hindu pantheon gods/goddess value mantra chanting a lot. I have seen a mantra sadhana where the sadhak have to chant for a whole month straight without taking breaks in-between, this is practically impossible for normal human. I'm just trying to let you know that if you're serious with Santana Dharma you must learn how to chant and chant and chant and chant.

    3. viren chakraborty please let me know of the mantra you chanted. I would like to start my journey too.

  5. The Mantra should be chanted as described in the post.

  6. While chanting the mantra do we have to think continuously about our wishes? Because i have also to work etc.

  7. I have one more question, normally you say Mr Neel ji, that we have to be realistic about our wishes. Does that also apply to this mantra prayog? In short, does this mantra really fulfill all the practitioner's wishes? And over course I'm not talking about becoming a king or flying or something.

  8. sir would om hreem kleem namah would work only if its chanted for 700 000 times,because if its so,then many of us can never do so.neel sir,really need a solid answer from u sir,whether it would work if only 700 000 chants are completed or it would work even after say 10 or 15 days of concentrated and happy chanting of 108 times daily.please dear neel sir,please clarify.

  9. Neel sir...really need an answer from you.would om hreem kleem namah would only work if and only after the 700 000 chants are completed or it would work within a few days(say 10 or 15 days) of loving concentration of 108 times daily.please neel sir..please guide and clarify.

  10. Neel sir..please hreem kleem namah.would it work only after 700 000 chants.please guide sir.

  11. Will Om Hreem Kleem namaha also give me greater intelligence, creativity, and skillful speech/communication?

    Also, are om and namaha required?

    1. Hello Neel sir, thanks for answering the other comment. Can you answer this one as well please? It's important to me.

    2. These are all different Beej Mantra combinations and will work only as described in the posts.

    3. So, then if it is my wish, I can get greater communication skills with this mantra?

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Will this mantra give me greater focus and clarity?

  14. Will this mantra fulfill all wish together Or one wish at a time?

    1. You should always focus your attention on fulfilling one task or wish at a time otherwise you will not be able to chant a Mantra with concentration or intensity.

  15. Sir, Can you suggest a mantra to get back lost money due to a frauds.


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