Prophecies of the Dark Days of Kali Yuga-2

Dear readers, today I am going to share the 2nd part of the Kali Yuga predictions made by Shri Achyutananda Das and his four friends who are popularly known as the 'panch sakhas'. - Post By Ashutosh

Shri Achyutananda had written many Granths and Shastras during his lifetime but many of them had been stolen, lost, or kept in secret places. The ones which are available include- Jaiphula Malika, Kali Aganta Bhavisayata Malika, and many more.

Dear readers, all events and the exact dates can't be revealed as there are many things which can't be told. However, in this post, some major future events will be revealed.

Future Predictions of the Dark Days of Kali Yuga-2

In my last post, I had told about the 'THE GREAT WAR' which will start in 2022.

In this post, I will give more details about that war.

The attack on our nation will occur in 2022 but the war will not end so soon.

Warlike situations and tensions will keep on increasing until 2024. From 2 November 2024, Shani will start affecting Pisces. The war of Kali Yuga will occur during the period when Shani will be showing its effects on Pisces Zodiac.

The war of Kali Yuga will start from Odisha, Cuttack Zila.

Shri Achyutananda had predicted that in 2023, 6 districts of Odisha will get submerged. In 2024 a big disaster will happen and many will lose their lives.

Saint Bhima Bhoi had predicted that at the end of the Chaitra month, Shukla Paksha, Ekadashi, Thursday when Shani will affect Pisces Zodiac the water of Mahanadi will enter Cuttack.

Dear readers, this was my last post on the Prophecies of the Dark Days of the Kali Yuga.

This article has been written by Guest Blogger Ashutosh |

Part 1 of this article on the Kali Yuga Prophecies can be seen here - The Dark Period of Kali Yuga


  1. Hi Ashutosh sir.i am seriously saying and never meant to mock you or all these predictions.sir if possible please mail all these prophecies to either India's prime minister Mr.modi himself or to the defence dept of India.thank you dear sir and please really do so.its our responsibility to India.Mr.modi unlike previous PM's from congress,is a PM who really cares about India and its people.congress even since its formation and now under Sonia and rahul only cares about their own political agendas and not about the country.thank you

  2. namste sir, sir koi aisa method hai ki humare pass apki sari post aaye... whats up no.ya email ya kuch aur

  3. Hi ashutosh would be better for India as a nation if you can pass these prophecies to the government or the defense dept or even directly to our prime minister,mr.modi for he is a real leader who cares about the country like the former prime minister Mr.vajpayee.its not my intention to mock you or any one or the country and its administration by saying the above.thank you


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