Mantra Remedy if Cat Crosses your Path

Over the past few years,, I have received a lot of mail from readers asking for paranormal solutions or remedies for the problem of a cat, especially a black colored cat crossing their path. Some people have even asked me if there is any truth connected to this paranormal belief or widespread superstition.

It is generally believed that the Sixth Sense of some animals, including cats and dogs is well developed and hence these animals have prior knowledge about any inauspicious or harmful occurrences that are likely to happen in the immediate future.

Hence, it is believed that a cat crossing your path is a bad omen and a forewarning that you are going to face some problems in the immediate future if you continue to travel on that road.

Some remedies given in the Shakun Shastra or the Paranormal Study of Omens and other texts are given below.

Paranormal Remedy if Black Cat Crosses your Path

1] As per astrology, a cat is considered to be the vehicle of the Planet Rahu and if a cat crosses your path, you should chant a Mantra of Rahu before going ahead.

2] If a cat crosses your path, you should look at the Sun and do Namaskar and then go ahead. This remedy will not work at night or evenings or in cloudy weather when the sun is not visible.

3] Some people stop when a cat crosses their path and wait for 3 other people to travel on that path before going ahead.

4] It is also recommended that a Mantra dedicated to your Ishta Devta or Lord Hanuman be chanted if your path is crossed by a cat, including a black colored cat.

In a Hindi language video published today on our YouTube Channel, I have recommended that if any person believes in this omen or paranormal belief and fears that something bad is going to happen to him because a cat has crossed his path, then he should mentally chant the Hanuman Mantra given below 7 times before going ahead. That video can be seen here - Hanuman Mantra Remedy for Black Cat Crossing Your Path

ऊं हं हनुमते नम: ||
Om Ham Hanumate Namah ||

This in my opinion is a sure-shot remedy to avert any harmful or inauspicious event that could occur when a cat has crossed the path of the practitioner.

Note- If you have any more information about this omen, superstition or paranormal belief, then you can share your knowledge in the comments section.

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  1. अगर आप कहीं जा रहे हैं और बिल्ली रास्ता काट दे ,तो रुक जाएँ और वापिस मुड़कर कुछ दूर तक वापिस लौट आएं। इसके बाद पुनः गंतव्य तक जाने के लिए चल पड़ें।


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