Predictions of the Dark Days of Kali Yuga-1

Dear readers today I am going to share in great detail the future events that are going to happen during the dark days of the Kali Yuga as per the great Mahatma Achyutananda Das. - Post By Ashutosh

Firstly, I would like to make it clear that I am not sharing this information to scare people. This is for those people who will take these predictions seriously and it will definitely help them. - Post By Ashutosh

Achyutananda Das had clearly stated long - "I am not revealing these secrets for those who will argue about it but for those who will mend their ways before it actually happens. I am revealing these secrets so that people will get warnings about the approaching events. It will also give true devotees a sigh of relief that finally the sinners will be finally punished"

Prophecies of the events of Kali Yuga

Shri Achyutananda had clearly mentioned all the events along with the exact dates but only a few are able to translate and understand the exact timings. Many of these future events and their particular dates are kept as secrets by the few people who actually know them as it will cause unrest among ordinary people of kali yuga.

Only the ones they feel should be foretold are revealed as the correct time for their revelation comes.

Secondly, I had got mails from people who requested me to share the translations. Dear readers only a handful of Sadhus, devotees and Mahatmas have the capability to give the correct translation and even fewer know the exact dates, such secrets will never be revealed. Also, knowing the language is mot enough to understand what is written. Shri Achyutananda had not written his predictions in a straightforward way but in hints and astrological references that all cannot understand.

For now, I am going to share 3 major events that are about to happen:-

Readers we know that the 18 day Mahabharata war did not complete and the war will manifest itself in Kali Yuga. Yes, the event comes soon. Dear readers, I am just repeating what Shri Achyutananda had predicted about 500 years ago.

In the year 2022, there will be 4 eclipses and in this year China along with other Muslim nations attack India first. Just like Manasarovar, another place will be taken away. Not only in India but there will be war all over the world including countries like the USA , France, etc. The entire landscape of Earth will shiver in war. Religious work will not happen properly in temples and gods will leave them.

Shri Achyutananda says that humans will see an asteroid for 33 days and at last it will strike the sea bed causing a rise in the sea level. The great temple in Puri will be blown and the 3 idols gone. The height of water risen will be great and it will cross the capital of the state. This will affect various states like Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, etc.

Shri Achyutananda had written that in the year 2024 Baladeva (elder brother of Kalki Ram) will rule the modern Hastinapur and there will be no opposition.  Dear readers the place where Hastinapur was located then is known as Delhi now.

Dear readers, please don't misunderstand me as I am not making such predictions from my mind. I felt that sharing this will be beneficial for many.

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  1. Will all this really happen?
    And will Russia become a Hindu Nation?

  2. I am just another regular reader of prophet666 site.its one of the first thing that i do when i am online.just thought of passing my comment about all prophecies in general and its not my intention to ridicule such prophecies in any way or to show disrespect to them.the thing is that we all must know that prophecies written down by seers are all written using words that are unclear and so what happens is that we can use those unclear words to connect with any events.its as simple as that.about the attack on India by china,border skirmishes would be there but certainly not a full fledged war.but if it happens as per the prophecy then its just too that time if Mr.modi still remains the leader of India,then we can expect a real resistance from India and to win too.but if congress is in power then expect India to lose.that's the truth for congress under Sonia or rahul would only be interested in undermining the Hindus.

  3. This is somewhat true as Kalyug bring all sorts of challanging effects for India.
    Let us hope India survives and win the battle. Also the evil gets killed off altogether. The remains of Mahabharat is then wiped out. Also, hve you got Part 2 to be revealed?
    And do publish the rest of the Kalyug Predictions. Very interesting....

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  6. Pranaam Guruji. Predictions about the impending disaster and the beginning of end of kaliyuga is an eye opener for the sadhaks who wishes to raise their spiritual levels. But I believe it will too early for the things to happen that was predicted by the saint. Better late than never we must make much of the lost time by going thru the religious books particularly The Bhagavat Geeta. Even if anyone realises that he had made blunders either knowingly or unknowingly it is advisable to chant 1 lakh times of Gayatri mantra . This is as per Narada Samhita will clean away the sins commited during the lifetime. I had read about this in this very site. Thanks to Guruji.

  7. Thank you sir, very interesting

  8. Who is kalki ram and baladeva??


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