Prophecies of India and the World 2020- 2025 and End of Kaliyuga

Achyutananda Das was a poet and a saint born in Odisha in the 16th century. Achyutananda Das was believed to have the Divya Drishti with which you can see the future events. - Post By Ashutosh

He wrote all his predictions and future events on palm leaves which were preserved till now. These predictions were written about 500 years ago and they are very accurate. You can find his writings on every corner of Odisha but because of rare Hindi and English translations, this knowledge is very
limited to Odisha. The information written on the palm leaves is collectively called as Mallika (name of a book) Achyutananda was also self-realized and all his predictions are extremely extremely accurate.

Predictions of India and the World 2020- 2025 and the End of Kaliyuga

Now I am going to write predictions about Odisha and the world:-

FOR 2022-2030 ODISHA
1) The Sun won't rise for 7 days and 7 nights. During this period there will be no food or water. Wild animals will roam around the streets and devour humans. Mystical entities like ghosts, witches, Pischani will become powerful than ever.

2) Meteoroid showers on the state of Odisha.

3) There will be a massive tsunami in Odisha causing carnage and havoc in the state.

Achyutananda mentioned that the level of water will reach up to the 22nd step of Lord Jagatnath temple in puri. Puri is a very famous place for every person in Odisha. There is a majestic temple of lord Jagatnath (Lord Vishnu). The main temple where the idols of the 3 gods(Kalia, Balia, and Subhdra) are installed has 22 large steps before it. So Achyutananda says that the level of water will reach up to the 22nd step which is quite frightening.

4) Achyutananda says that only a few selective people will survive who will make the new generation.


1) Chinese and Muslims jointly attack India.

2) America will submerge underwater.

3) Russia will become a Hindu nation.

4) Districts will submerge in Odisha.

5) HIRAKUD dam in Odisha will break.

6) The final battle of Kaliyuga will be fought at a fort in Cuttack (Odisha).

7) The Final Trumpet will blow at midnight followed by darkness.

8) The dead will rise from graves.

9) A new world order is established.

This article has been written by Ashutosh |


  1. Hey Ashutosh nice article, could prediction number 2 an 3 of the predictions on Odisha possibly refer to the flood in Puri and other parts of Odisha due to Cyclone Fani, which submerged the chariots of the Jagannath temple.

    1. Ashutosh could you please clarify this prophecy about the floods in Odisha.

  2. What does it mean by the dead will rise from the grave? Zombie apocalypse?

    1. This rising from the graves is an Islamic concept. Hindu bodies cannot rise because those have been cremated! I think this could be a later addition by someone who wanted to promote Islam.

  3. From where I will get this book Mallika ?

  4. Kali Yuga is 432,000 years. Kali Yuga is just gaining momentum. It has only been 5000 years. Most of these spiritual people are hiding it either to console their followers or they don't know the Hindu Units of Time which is relative. If you life in Deva Loka or Patala Loka, then Kali Yuga is not that long. This is explained in some western stories also, where a person who was hunting met some little people near a cave. He went into the cave and into the underworld. When he came back after a few days decades have passed on Earth. This is shown in the story of Muchukunda too.

    1. 432,000 years is a miscalculated age of the Kali Yuga. It is not even the total age of all the four yugas. As per the correct age of the yugas, Kali Yuga comes to an end in 2025 AD. This is follwed by a 300 year Interval before the beginning of the Dwapar Yuga. Remember Kaliyuga came after Dwapar. So now we start the reverse routine i.e. Kaliyuga->Dwapar->Treta->Satyuga. This 300 year transition period is present inbetween all the yugas.

  5. The dead will rise from graves is like Zombie Apocalypse.

    1. Are you asking or telling? I know there isn't question mark, but you can understand how horrible it sounds.

    The animals are already on the streets.

  7. Thanks for grabbing attention
    Btw this is the first phase of KALIYUGA

  8. Pranaam Guruji. Some comments are unwarranted and doesn't deserve any reply. The poet saint predictions are orissa centred and I strongly believe a devotee never indulges in predictions. The end of world predictions are simply illusionary and things have just started to deteriorate and by the time the end nears we may have taken hundreds of births.

  9. MODI ji is the KALKI AVATAR

  10. hi, what is the source of the years 2022 and 2025 mentioned in this post?


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