Hanuman Healing Remedy for All Ailments

In recent times, most people are exposed to serious danger from all kinds of diseases which are spreading rapidly and infecting many people. Hence, I have given a healing remedy that can be beneficial for everyone. - Post By Guru

This is a very simple remedy that does not require much effort to practice and it does not involve complicated, lengthy and difficult rituals.

Health is most important for all as without good health you cannot do other tasks, hence, maintenance of health is of utmost importance.

All those people who have been affected by any kind of ailment or disease can practice this healing remedy, which can also be practiced by anyone who is not affected by any kind of ailment to get good Aryogya.

Hanuman Healing Remedy for Good Health

The procedure of practicing this healing remedy is given below.

1] The remedy should be practiced early in the morning during sunrise.

2] Sit facing the east direction.

3] Take water in a copper utensil.

4] Put 2 Tulsi leaves in the water.

5] Chant the Hanuman Chalisa once.

6] Then chant the Mantra given below 108 times

Ram ramaya namah naase rog hare sab pida japat nirantar hanumant bira ram ramaya namah

7] Again chant the Hanuman Chalisa once.

8] And then drink the water in 1 go.

9] After this take 11 breaths and with each breath chant -  nase rog hare sab pida japat nirantar hanumat bira

10] Start this remedy from Tuesday or Sunday and continue for some days or perform only on Tuesday and Sunday.

Practicing this healing remedy will be useful and beneficial for everyone.

If anyone wants to know about a specific remedy for any health issue, they can contact the author of this article through the comments section. 

Note- See the Health Mantras and Tantras, Healing Yantras and Charms and Paranormal Healing Remedies for more options.


  1. Nowadays,people fool when they tell you the benefits of hanuman chalisa and its sacred chaupai.they claim,this would happen,that would happen.And after coming in the influence of them,when you attempt a prayog regarding hanuman chalisa,nothing changes, even after a long time.then you go back and tell that your problem is not solved,and they would excuse you that you do not have faith,it is the reason.in reality,only you know how much faith you had.no doubt,hanuman chalisa has unlimited power and can give you everything,but you are not eligible to taste its power.utlimately,it can make you frustrated and you will never be able to come over when time is over to solve your issues.these innocent people need to think deeply and then they should follow this field,.a number of people just have the habit to check out the power of mantras just to see what happens.it has become a new game for them.on the other hand,there are people who create their own prayogs and give an advise to people to practise them.beware of them.

  2. Pida is written as Pifa in the above mantra. Please correct it.


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