Vashikaran of Desired Lady By Writing Name on Thigh

A very unique and uncommon Vashikaran Mantra Experiment in which the name of the desired lady has to be written on the thigh in order to captivate her under a most powerful Vashikaran Spell has been described in this post.

This Vashikaran Mantra, which originates from Jainism makes the use of a very rare and strange Vidhi to enchant the desired woman for the purpose of love, romance or marriage.

There are many Vashikaran Experiments in which the name of the desired man or woman is written on the hand or palm, however, this is the first Vashikaran Experiment, I have come across in which the name of the targeted person is written on the thigh.

Vashikaran by writing name of desired woman on left thigh

The Vashikaran Mantra Vidhi is given below for the benefit of followers of Vashikaran Vidya.

1] The practitioner has to write the name of the desired lady on his left thigh or Baya Jangh and then hide the name with his left hand and then chant the Vashikaran Mantra given below 50, 000 times.

ॐ रुद्र दायिते योगेश्वरी ह्रूं फट् ठः ठः ||
Om Rudra Daayite Yogeshwari Hroom Fatt Thah Thah ||

2] The Vashikaran Tantra has described this Vashikaran Mantra Experiment as being most powerful and has mentioned that the targeted woman is captivated immediately on the completion of the Mantra Prayog.

3] Puja-Vidhi, Disha, Aasan, Mala, Muhurat, etc. have not been prescribed for this Vashikaran Mantra. Hence, it should be understood that these are not important factors.

Notes- As mentioned time and again in earlier posts, kindly keep in mind that information about most such Mantras and Yantras is only given to share rare and unknown knowledge about Mantra Vidya and other Indian Paranormal and Tantrik Practices.

A video in the Hindi language describing the paranormal uses of Fitkari or Alum has been recently published on our YouTube Channel.

Tone, Totke and Upay using Fitkari are very popular paranormal home remedies in most parts of India and many people, including housewives practice them in their homes.

This video describes the simple and uncomplicated method without the use of any Mantra or Puja-Vidhi to gain money and wealth, find a job, resolve issues related to in-laws, remove obstacles that are preventing or delaying the marriage of the practitioner, remove evil-eye, negative energy and Vastu Defects.

Paranormal Remedies using Fitkari have already given in different posts on this site. In the video, I have selected those remedies that can be practiced without taking much time or effort.

The video can be seen here – Fitkari Ke Chamatkari Totke Aur Upay


  1. Another text of this mantra in Jain Tantra is as follows-"ॐ रूद्र दयिते योगेश्वरी ह्रूं फट ठः ठः " (om rudra dayite yogeshwaree hroom phat thah thah )Write the name of saadhyaa on your left thigh with turmeric (हरिद्रा )and hide her name with your left hand (साध्या नाम उरौ वामायां प्रविलिख्य,वामेन पाणिना नामं पिधाय मन्त्रं जपेत)Chant the mantra 50000 times

    1. Yes, it is Hroom ह्रूं as pointed out by you.

    2. Can i take break and chant it 50000 time? Like i chanted 1000 times then little break then again starting??? Please reply

  2. Guruji....will it work if the girl has any tantra or black magic in her body done by anyone?

  3. यह मन्त्र मूल रूप से जैन तंत्र शास्त्र का नहीं है । यह मन्त्र मूल रूप से सनातन धर्म का है ।यह गौरी मन्त्र नाम से है तथा न्यास,ध्यान के बाद पुरश्चरण तथा हवन का भी विधान है ।मन्त्र सिद्धि के बाद वशीकरण के लिए प्रयोग का उल्लेख है ।जानकारी के लिए विवरण इस प्रकार है ---
    मन्त्र--"ह्रीं गौरि रुद्रदयिते योगेश्वरि हूँ फट स्वाहा "
    --सामान्य पूजाविधि से प्रातः कृत्य से प्राणायाम तक करके न्यास करे ।
    ऋष्यादि न्यास --शिरसि पर्वतऋषये नमः /मुखे गायत्री छन्दसे नमः /हृदि श्री गौर्यै देवतायै नमः ।
    करन्यासः --ह्रां अंगुष्ठाभ्यां नमः /ह्रीं तर्जनीभ्यां स्वाहा /ह्रूं मध्यमाभ्यां वषट /ह्रैं अनामिकाभ्यां हुं/ह्रौं कनिष्ठिकाभ्यां
    वौषट /ह्रः करतल करपृष्ठाभ्यां फट ।
    अंगन्यास --ह्रां हृदयाय नमः /ह्रीं शिरसे स्वाहा /ह्रूं शिखायै वषट /ह्रैं कवचाय हुं /ह्रौं नेत्रत्रयाय वौषट /ह्रः अस्त्राय फट
    ध्यान --
    हेमाभ्रां विभ्रतीं दोभिर दर्पणाणजन साधने ।
    पाशांकुशौ सर्व भूषाम तां गौरीं सर्वदा भजे ।।
    ---एक लाख जप से पुरश्चरण । घी से दस हजार हवन ।
    ---मन्त्र सिद्ध होने पर गंध,पुष्प,अंजन,किसी खाद्य पदार्थ और चंदनादि को अभिमंत्रित कर किसी व्यक्ति को
    देने से वह वशीभूत होता है ।रात्रि में हल्दी से बायीं जांघ के मध्य प्रिय स्त्री का नाम लिखकर ,बाएं हाथ से
    ढककर सौ या हजार बार निष्ठा से जप करने से उस स्त्री का आकर्षण होता है ।


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