Parkaya Pravesh to Enter the Bodies of Other People

Parkaya Pravesh or entering the body of any other person is considered to be one of the most powerful Shakti or Supernatural Power that can be gained by a practitioner of Tantra Shastra. Parkaya Pravesh is mostly considered to be an Aghor Panth Tantra and even though most Sadhaks of the Aghor Panth strive to gain this supernatural power, only a handful of them manage to succeed.

Even though some Sadhaks manage to gain Siddhi over Parkaya Pravesh, it can in most cases be successful only on weak-minded people or children.

Adi Shankaracharya and the Navnath Gurus are said to be among the Masters who are known to have possessed this power to enter and take over the bodies of other people. There are many examples of the practice of Parkaya Pravesh described in the Mahabharata, Puranas and other ancient Hindu Texts.

There is another more common form of Parkaya Pravesh described in Shastras, which is of the Atma of a dead person entering the body of another person. This is mostly a temporary condition in which, the Soul of a dead person enters the body of a living person in order to fulfill some task, unfulfilled wish or to convey a message or to rectify a wrong.

There are some examples of this form of Parkaya Pravesh where the Atma of a dead person entered the body of another person, mostly a child in order to complete an unfulfilled wish or reveal the truth behind his murder and the identity of the killers. Such cases are often confused with past life and reincarnation because as I have pointed out the affected party is mostly a child. In most of these cases, the memories go away as the Atma having fulfilled its desire leaves the body of the child.

However, random cases of possession by ghosts and spirits should not be confused with Parkaya Pravesh, which is done for a specific purpose or motive.

Then, there are also many reliable accounts of Swakaya Pravesh of the Atma of people who were declared dead re-entering their bodies, this is altogether different because it is involuntary.

How to gain the Paranormal Power of Parkaya Siddhi
This Siddhi can mostly be gained under the guidance and supervision of a Siddh Sadhak who has mastered the power to enter the bodies of other people.

In my opinion, this Supernatural Power can be gained by concentrating the Prana in the Sashastra or Crown Chakra that lies on top of the crown of the head and then make it leave the body by merging it with the Collective Consciousness and then entering the body of the targeted person and then taking it over.

This is a very dangerous Sadhana and there is every chance that the Atma of the practitioner could get trapped in the Collective Consciousness and his physical body could perish.

Such methods are possible for advanced practitioners of Kundalini Yoga who are able to elevate their Prana and make it leave the body by intense concentration by imagining that the Soul is leaving the body.

This, again should not be confused with Astral Travel, which involves a similar technique but is practiced for other motives and not to enter other people’s bodies.

Mantras for Gaining Siddhi over Parkaya Pravesh
Chanting Sloka Number 80 from the Soundarya Lahari composed by Adi Shankaracharya, 1000 times daily is said to give the practitioner Siddhi over Parkaya Pravesh.

Secrets of Parkaya Pravesh Vidya

Another Mantra Sadhana to possess the power to enter the body of another person was published a few years back on this site. This Sadhana can be seen here – Mantra Prayog for Gain of Siddhi over Parkaya Pravesh


  1. चैत्र माह की नवरात्रि इस महीने की 25 तारीख से शुरू हो रही है, और अगले महीने की 2 तारीख को महा नवमी व्रत के साथ समाप्त होगी।
    ।इस नवरात्रि में श्री राम रक्षा स्तोत्र सिद्ध करने का सुझाव है। यह स्तोत्र अद्भुत और बहुत लाभप्रद है। यह स्तोत्र सिद्धि के बाद सभी प्रकार की इच्छाओं को पूर्ण करने में सक्षम है; रोग निवारण के लिए रोगी को इसके अभिमंत्रित जल से मार्जन किया जाता है। इस स्तोत्र के नियमित पाठ से सभी सांसारिक कष्ट, शारीरिक व्याधियाँ और मानसिक चिंताएँ दूर होती हैं।
    सिद्ध करने की की विधि - नवरात्रि में नौ दिनों तक प्रतिदिन ब्रह्म मुहूर्त में स्नान करें और पूर्व या उत्तर की ओर मुख करके पूजा स्थल पर कुशासन पर बैठें। राम दरबार या सीता राम का चित्र या श्री राम का चित्र सामने रखें। हनुमानजी की तस्वीर भी रखें ।। पाठ के दौरान दीपक जलता रहें और धूप, अगरबत्ती भी जलाएं । चंदन और फूल आदि से भगवान श्री राम और हनुमानजी की पूजा करें, इसके बाद स्तोत्र के ग्यारह पाठ करें।
    ऐसा पूरे नौ दिनों तक करें।स्तोत्र सिद्ध हो जाएगा ।
    यह स्तोत्र हनुमानजी द्वारा कीलित है। हनुमानजी की कृपा से ही इसका उत्कीलन है। इसलिए व्यक्ति को इसे सिद्ध या प्रयोग करते समय हनुमानजी की पूजा और ध्यान करना चाहिए।

  2. Hello Neel sir, your work in the field of supernatural and mantras are truly amazing. I never thought I would find so many information in one place. I wonder if you have any topic about astral projection or intended to write one in near future? Please reply.



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