Akal Mrityu Nashak 15 Ka Yantra

In this post, I have described the uncomplicated method of making and using an Akal Mrityu Nashak 15 Ka Yantra or a Yantra having the numerical value of 15 to prevent untimely or sudden death. This death averting Charm can also be prepared for the safety and security of near and dear ones.

We are living in the troubled times of death by diseases and most people do not know what lies ahead. Hence, most of our readers are asking for paranormal solutions to prevent the danger of sudden or untimely demise.

The procedure of making this Akal Mrityu Nashak Yantra is easier than that of the other Akal Mrityu Nivaran Yantras and Tantras described on this site in the past.

However, it is a well-known fact that the Pandrah Ka Yantra is one of the most powerful and effective of numerical or Sankhyatmak Yantras, hence, this Akal Mrityu Nashak Yantra should be considered as a most effective and powerful untimely demise preventing talisman.

Sudden Death Preventing Talisman

The Vidhi is described below:
1] The Yantra can be prepared on any day on a Bhojpatra or white piece of paper using a small pointed stick of the Vat Vriksha or banyan tree as the pen and either Ashtagandha or Kumkum as the ink.

2] The practitioner has to write the numbers in this order- 5, 2, 4, 6, 8, 7, 9, 3 and 1.

The name of the person who is going to use the Yantra has to be written below the Yantra.

3] Then, the Yantra should be offered Dhoop and Diya and a small prayer should be chanted to your Ishta Devta or favored deity for blessing you with success for the purpose for which you have made the Yantra.

4] Then, the Akal Mrityu Nashak 15 Ka Yantra should be laminated and kept on the body in the pocket or purse. This Yantra can also be given to another person and it will work effectively provided that that person has faith in the Yantra.

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  1. जैन तंत्र का एक अपमृत्यु जय मन्त्र इस प्रकार है--
    ॐ नमो भगवते देवाधि देवाय सर्वोपद्रव विनाशनाय सर्वाप मृत्युं जय कारणाय सर्व मन्त्र सिद्धि कराय ह्रीं त्रीं त्रीं
    श्रीं श्रीं ॐ ॐ क्रौं क्रौं ॐ ठः ठः "देवदत्तस्य "मृत्युं घातय घातय आयुषं आयुषं वर्द्धय वर्द्धय स्वाहा ।
    ---60 ,000 जाप करने से अकाल मृत्यु का नाश होता है ।देवदत्त की जगह साधक अपना या जिसके लिए जप किया जाय,उसका नाम ले ।

  2. Can I put the yantra inside a metal locket and wear it on the body?


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