Secret Akal Mrityu Bhay Nivaran Mantra Sadhana

Today, I have shared secret information about a very rare and unknown Yam Mantra Sadhana with all the readers of this site. This Akal Mrityu Bhay Stambhan Yam Sadhana is not available anywhere on the net or in any book or Granth because it is Gupt Padhati Sadhana – Post By Guru Swami

Every person, whosoever he or she may be, at least once in their lifetimes experience a fear of sudden death or Akal Mrityu, which is not good for physical and mental health.

So today.  an extremely rare and unknown Mantra Sadhana has been given to all of you, which can do Stambhan of sudden death, hence, in my opinion, all persons should do this Sadhana for their welfare.

Secret Indian Occult Akal Mrityu Bhay Nivaran Mantra Sadhana

The Mantra Sadhana can be practiced by following the procedure given below.
1) This Apamruthyu or untimely death averting Mantra Sadhana should be done when Yam Graha is in Surya, Chandrama or Rahu

2) The Sadhak should gather the 3 items that are mentioned ahead – Kale Til(Black Sesame Seeds), Shahad(Honey) and Tagar Burada.

All these items should be 1/100 of your weight. For example if your weight is 100 kg then the weight of the item should be 1 kg.

3) The Mantra Sadhana should be practiced at night. The Sadhak should sit facing the south direction from Kailash, while practicing the Mantra Sadhana.

4) The Sadhak should perform a Havan using Mango Tree wood and perform 1108 Ahutis or offerings to the Havan.

The Ahuti should be done by using the Thumb and Anamika finger.

Mantra- shiveyatri brahm-mahesha akal yam stambhay shive satya vacha om yang mang tang yung stambhay thah thah

मंत्र -शिवेयत्री ब्रह्ममहेशा अकाल यम स्तंभय शिवे सत्य वाचा ॐ यं मं तं युं स्तंभय ठ: ठ: 

This Akal Mrityu Bhaya Nivaran Mantra Sadhana should be practiced once in a year and can be repeated every year because the effect will last for 1 year.

This is a Mantra Sadhana,  which you will find nowhere on net or in books or Granths or Puranas.

All the these Sadhanas, given by me are extremely effective a because they are extremely secret or Gupt and Guru Padhati or secret procedures are used and they available nowhere.

There is also a very powerful and Gupt Yam Yantram,  which is used for Akal Mrityu Nivaran. Using this Yantra, you can protect yourselves from Akal Mrityu. I will post about that Yantra some day.

If anyone wants to get any information on Yam Yantram for Akal Mrityu protection,  they can contact me through the comments box.

Note- While performing the Havan, the Sadhak should not add Swaha-स्वाहा at the end of the Mantra.


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