Did Nostradamus Predict that Coronavirus Infected be Isolated and Tattooed

In this post, I have written about a Prediction made by Nostradamus in The Prophecies, which suggests that people infected by Coronavirus or COVID-19 will be marked or tattooed with special identification numbers and kept in isolation camps.

I have especially written about this Prophecy of Nostradamus because there is already talk in some quarters about marking and isolating Coronavirus infected people.

Lockdowns and Shutdowns are being witnessed in many countries for the first time since the Second World War, this speaks about the seriousness of the threat posed by Coronavirus.

Coronavirus is probably the biggest and most widespread pandemic witnessed in recent history and potentially the most dangerous because of the population of the earth has multiplied almost 8 times in the past in the last 200 years. Hence, exposure to infections will be many times higher than in the past.

Did Nostradamus Predict  Coronavirus

In Century 2, Quatrain 20 Nostradamus has predicted that a large percentage of the population will be held captive with each captive being marked on his chin, forehead and nose. This suggests that people infected with a virus of some sort will be kept in isolation camps under the watch of rulers.

This Quatrain also mentions that members of the same family will be held captive in diverse places after inspecting them very thoroughly.

Century II. 20.
Freres & Sœurs en plusieurs lieux captifs,
Se trouueront passer pres du Monarque
Les contempler ses rameaux ententifs,
Desplaisant voir menton, frond, nez les
Brothers and sisters held captive in diverse places
Will find themselves passing near the ruler
Inspecting them his branches attentive,
Displeasing to see the marks on chin, forehead and nose.

One possible interpretation of this Prophecy made by Nostradamus could be of Jews and other prisoners of Nazi Concentration Camps were marked with identification numbers on their left forearm along with symbols that categorized them according to their race and political beliefs.

However, the prophecy speaks about marks on the chin, forehead and nose. Hence, it could be futuristic prediction made by Nostradamus.

The prediction made by Nostradamus in Century 2 – Quatrain 20 may or may not relate to the Coronavirus epidemic, but it speaks about the most alarming future of the earth or possibly a future global pandemic.

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  1. One thing is for sure,there will be a great reduction in population and pollution as well. I guess most Indians are taking it very lightly and thinking they can't be affected.however,i want to urge all the visitors by telling them,plz stay saf e,do not take any chance or test any mantra to protect urself at this stage.

  2. This been spreaded by Chinese(as per Garudapuranam) those whom don't knew about Divine Rituals and Indians Whom have Divine Rituals but doesn't Realise,Follow and Allow to think about their Soul ,However in Gita Lord Almighty said,""Oh Arjuna!In this war Rajass(Passion) and Tamas(Darkness) Guna will be dead but not the Soul and Truth,The real is Truth is me(Almighty) and Realising this Truth is the Duty of the Soul not an Body attached Soul.Everything is in hands of Lord and has written deadline "Beware Off Time".


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