Aim Beej Mantra for Attracting Women and Gaining Artistic Skills

In this post, I have described a rare method of chanting the Aim-ऐं Beej Mantra and enhancing or gaining artistic skills and at the same time be able to appear attractive and enchanting to a woman. Chanting the Aim Beej Mantra By following this method increases the Stri Vashikaran Shakti and Artistic Skills of the practitioner.

The ऐं Aim Beej Mantra of the Goddess of Learning and Knowledge Saraswati Devi is as is well known considered to be a most powerful and effective Beej Mantra for the gain of knowledge and education, enhancing the capacity of the mind and brain and acquisition of all kinds of artistic skills.

The Aim Beej Mantra, which is also called Vaag Beej can be chanted daily for the purpose mentioned above. The most common method of chanting this Mantra is to sit on a White Colored Sitting Mat, facing the East Direction and chanting the Mantra using a Sphatik Mala.

Aim Beej Mantra for Vashikaran and increase of Knowledge

There is more than one way to gain Siddhi over the Aim Beej Mantra. A very unique method of gaining Siddhi over this Mantra and having a Vision of Saraswati Mata was described in an earlier post – Aim Mantra Sadhana to Make Saraswati Mata Manifest.

Now coming back to the main point the method of chanting the Aim Beej Mantra to enhance artistic skills and be able to attract ladies is given below.

1] The practitioner should concentrate upon his Crown or Sahasrara Chakra, which is located at the top of the head and chant the Aim Beej Mantra in threes that means chant it 3 times then take a very small pause and keep chanting it in this manner.

ऐं ऐं ऐं ||
Aim Aim Aim ||

2] If unable to concentrate on the Crown Chakra, the practitioner can do the chanting in a very calm and quiet manner by fully concentrating on the Mantra and nothing else. However, the procedure described in the first method is more beneficial.

3] The practitioner can chant the Aim Beej Mantra using this procedure as long as he likes or until he is comfortable doing so.

4] Other things like Shubh Muhurat, Puja-Vidhi, Disha, Aasan, etc are not important. The practitioner can either do Vashik or Mansik Jaap of the Mantra.

5] Though, this method of chanting the Aim Beej Mantra is for men, in my opinion, a woman can also try this method to gain artistic skills and be able to attract men. However, chanting should be stopped during the Monthly Cycle.


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