Beej Mantra for Hypnotic and Attractive Voice

A Beej Mantra for making your voice magnetic, hypnotic and attractive has been described in this post. The regular chanting of this Beej Mantra will make the voice of the practitioner hypnotic and he will be able to cast a hypnotic spell of enchantment on other people for whichever purpose he has in mind.

The Beej Mantra will be useful to those people who have to use their voice to influence people, like salespersons, politicians, debaters, orators, shopkeepers, and poets and also employed people and other professionals.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, the Beej Mantra can also function as a Vashikaran, Akarshan or Mohini Mantra for getting success in attracting any desired man or woman for the purpose of love, romance or marriage.

Heem Beej Mantra for Hypnotic and Commanding Voice

About the Sum-सुं Beej Mantra
1] This Beej Mantra for enhancing the overall quality of your voice and making it hypnotic is a kind of Seed-Sound or Switch-Word, which is also a part of some Mantras. It is also used in some Kundalini Stimulating Techniques.

2] The vibration of this Beej Mantra enhances the Chakras that control the vocal cords and makes them healthier and stronger.

3] The practitioner can chant the Beej Mantra given below as many times as he likes or chant it for a fixed number of Mantra Chants daily. Mansik or Vachik Jaap can be done.

सुं सुं सुं ||
Sum Sum Sum ||

4] There are no rules or worship connected to the Beej Mantra and the chanting can be started on any day. The only need is to chant the Mantra in a calm and composed manner by concentrating only on the Mantra and nothing else.

Note- If anyone practices this Beej Mantra Chant, they can share their experiences in the comments section for the benefit of other readers who might wish to practice this Mantra to make their voice commanding, magnetic and hypnotic.


  1. It says the HEEM Beej, but the you wrote about it being SUM SUM SUM?

    1. Hello , pranam neel sir ,so the chanting should be continues 3times of beej Mantra equivalent to single chant ?
      Please clearify doubt

  2. What is correct mantra to chant sum or heem


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