4 Paranormal Remedies Using Cloves

In this post, I have written about 4 effective and beneficial paranormal remedies using cloves to gain mental peace, money, remove negative energies and to help a child who is weak in studies.  These Laung Ke Totke very simple and they can be easily practiced by anyone, including lay-persons.

Paranormal Remedies or Totke using cloves are very popular in India because of their simplicity. We have already published several Mantras, Yantras, Tone, Totke and Upay using cloves over the past many years and these remedies are an addition to that compilation of paranormal remedies using cloves.

Paranormal Remedy using cloves to remove harmful and negative energies.
1] This Totka should be practiced only on a Saturday, in the evening.

2] The practitioner should light a Diya of Mustard Oil or Sarson Ka Tel in Hindi and put 3-4 cloves in it and keep it in a dark corner of the house, shop or office.

3] This simple Vidhi is sufficient to remove all the negative energies that are circulating in that place.

Laung Ke Totke

Paranormal Remedy using cloves for a child who is weak in studies
This is a very simple and easy to practice paranormal remedy using Cloves or Laung for bringing positive changes in a child who is weak in studies or has no interest in studies or lacks concentration and grasping power and hence does not remember what is taught in school.

This Laung Ka Totka as this remedy is called in Hindi can be practiced by any of the parents or relatives of the child who is finding it difficult to study or simply thinks of studies as some sort of unnecessary burden.

The Vidhi or procedure of this paranormal remedy is as follows.
1] The Totka can be started on any day and the parent or relative of the child has to take 11 Cloves and wrap them in a clean red colored piece of cloth and then chant the Mool Mantra of his favored Deity 108 times and then keep this cloth bundle in his place of worship.

2] For example if the favored deity of the practitioner is Ganesha he can chant – Om Gam Ganapataye Namah || - ॐ गं गणपतये  नमः ||  or if the favored deity is Hanuman then Om Hanumate Namah || - ॐ हनुमते नमः ||

The practitioner can chant any Mantra of his favored deity with which he feels connected.

3] Then, every day in the morning, he has to give one clove to the child to eat.

This Totka should be practiced for 11 days and it can be continued if desired by following the same procedure.

Remedy using cloves to get mental peace.
This simple Totka is said to remove negativity, anxiety, depression, and tension from the mind and calm it down.

1] The practitioner has to burn 2-3 cloves to ash and then consume this ash.

3] This Totka is basically a Healing Remedy with very little paranormal elements involved.

Paranormal Remedy using cloves for a gain of money and wealth.
This is also a very simple and effective paranormal remedy that can be easily practiced by any person who desires to gain prosperity and abundance.

1] 5 cloves and 5 Cowries have to be wrapped in a red-colored piece of cloth and then placed in the safe, money cupboard or the place where money and valuables are kept.

2] The bundle acts in the same manner as a money attraction charm and there is an increase in the inflow of money and wealth in the house, shop or office.

Note- A very simple but powerful Vishnu Mantra to become the own a new home can be seen on our YouTube Channel – Mantra to Own a Place of Residence

This Mantra is most suitable for those people who are looking for a simple but most powerful paranormal solution for being able to own a house. 


  1. when do we have to do the mental peace remedy?? can we consume the ash of the clove with the water??

    1. which DAY and during what TIME we have to do the MENTAL peace remedy ? please reply.......

    2. There is no need for any Shubh Muhurat, but better to do the remedy in the morning after breakfast.

  2. what is a cowries? Please tell

  3. Hi..for remedy for wealth which is appropriate time to make the bundle and place it in the safe..

  4. I live in the house with my mother and brother's family and I am single. The house is in their names. Will the money totka benefit me or it will again benefit the house owner/owners. I am handicapped, jobless and totally financially wrecked. Should I try this Mustard Oil Diya Totka to improve my condition?

  5. Hi can I tell me if u have to chant the mantra for the 11 days on the remedy for the child lack in study

    1. The Mantra should be chanted daily until you get the desired results.

  6. I checked on the YouTube video but the language was in hindi 😕, I didn't understand it.

  7. if I don't worship any deity how can I chant a mool mantra ?


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