Most Powerful Desire Fulfilling Mantra

In this post, I have written about a Mantra that is contained in the Damara Tantra that is said to give all kinds of happiness, abundance, wealth and prosperity to the practitioner and fulfill all his desires and remove all enemies from his life.

The original description of this Wish Fulfilling Mantra, which is a conversation between Mahadeva and Goddess Parvati in Sanskrit has been translated into English for the benefit of the readers of this site who might wish to practice it and gain the immense benefits of the Mantra. This can also be considered as most powerful wishes and desire fulfilling Mantra that can automatically remove an enemy from the surroundings of the practitioner.

Most Powerful Wish Fulfilling Mantra in the world

Mahadeva tells Goddess Parvati that the Mantra Om Kshreem…. Is his Form and it is also his Dhyan and Japa. There will always be comfort and prosperity in the home of the person who chants this Mantra 500 times. No one in the Three Worlds can equal such a person who obtains the fulfillment of desires every minute. In this World, he will always be without enemies and always be surrounded by wives, friends, brothers, sons and other fraternal beings. After death, he will carry all his comforts to the other world.”

ॐ क्ष्रीं क्ष्रीं क्ष्रीं क्ष्रीं क्ष्रीं फट् ||
Om Kshreem Kshreem Kshreem Kshreem Kshreem Fat ||

The benefits and Vidhi or procedure are described in the conversation between Mahadeva and Parvati Devi and other than this there are no other rules or recommendations mentioned in the version of the Damara Tantra in which I have come across this most powerful Mantra that can give everything to the practitioner.

If anyone has any other information about the Vidhi for practicing this Mantra then they are requested to share their information for the benefit of other readers.

Notes- We have also made a Vashikaran Video in Hindi based upon the information about a Vashikaran Mantra given by our readers, This Vashikaran Mantra Video can be seen here – Most Powerful Vashikaran Mantra to Attract the Whole World.

We try to keep all the videos as short and simple as possible so that our viewers can practice them without difficulty because it has been noticed by us that most YouTube viewers are lay-persons who are looking for the simplest paranormal solutions.


  1. Pranaam Guruji. Had been a regular visitor to the site since years. One small clarification. Is the mantra to be chanted only 500 times or normally it should be 1.25lakhs for a siddi.

    1. Chanting only once i.e 5 malas to get the most covered things human aspire for is not possible in this yuga but in bygone eras.In my opinion chant 5 malas /day for 21 days and do the anusthana.D 4 cycles of it.Cause if I was doing it then I will do in this way.

  2. Sadhak ko dhyaan me rakhna chahiye ki jitna jap btaya gaya hai utna hi kare.agar 500 h to 500 bar hi kare ,usse 1 jyada na 1 kam.aisa karne se phal nahi tantra shastro me btaya gaya hai.

  3. Guruji only 500 time or daily 500 times .. plzzz say

  4. In my opinion, even though this Mantra can also be chanted by women to get all the benefits mentioned in the description.

    1. Neel sir pranam ,you have written the blog then please clearify also 500only once or daily if dail then how many days ? Sankalp or dashansh ??
      Or ant prescribed no of chants like lac or more please clearify a humble request
      Pranam abhaar jai mata di

  5. Please tell 500 chants for 1 day only or 500 chants for some specisic days.

  6. What is the vidhi or rule to follow for this ?

  7. Is this one time chanting thing or everyday we have to chant 500 times to get the benefit of this mantra??

  8. Can you tell me which page of damara tantra this mantra is writtern , I have been searching the book ,but i cant find it.


    Check the above link for ur answer

  10. Dear neel sir...
    Please guide me on how to pronounce " kshreem" and " fatt"

  11. This to be pronounced as Kshreem Or Kshring ? ??
    Kindly confirm,

  12. Is 540 times (5 mala) also ok? or can i use my telephone for exatly 500 times?

  13. Sir, 500 times daily we have to recite

  14. Kunnen we de mantra prayog na een tijdje weer herhalen (dus wederom 500 keer jape?).

    1. Yes, you can repeat the Mantra Prayog after some time.

  15. This mantra seems very similar to the one posted here:

    "om kshreem kshreem kshreem kshreem kshreem fatt" is given in this post is while in the above link it is "om ksheem ksheem ksheem ksheem ksheem fatt".

    Both are to be recited 500 times? Is there a typo/mistake of any kind? And I see both are different meanings to it. Does a simple "r" in the beej mantra create so much of a difference in what the mantra leads to? I can't find Ksheem or Kshreem to be the beej mantras.. or are they?

    Could you please clarify? This is important request. Thanks.

    1. There are many qualities attributed to the same Mantras and it depends upon the motive or mind set with which a Mantra is chanted, this Beej Mantra is also useful for healing any kind of disease.
      Ksheem and Kshreem are different Beej Mantras.

    2. Thank you for clarifying this question.


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