Wish Fulfilling Tree Remedy to Fulfil Any Wish

In this post, I will tell you about a most simple but effective wish fulfilling Upay or Remedy to fulfill any wish or make any desire of dream come true with the blessing of the Peepal or Sacred Fig Tree, which is considered to be the most powerful Wish Fulfilling Tree.

The Peepal Tree, botanical name Ficus religiosa is said to posses strong mystical and paranormal powers and it has been worshiped by Hindus, since the Vedic Age, there are numerous references to the worship of the Peepal Tree in the Vedas and Puranas.

The Peepal Tree is associated with numerous Hindu deities, including Vishnu, Shiva, Krishna, Brahma, Lakshmi

The Peepal Tree is also a most sacred tree in Buddhism because Buddha Buddha gained Nirvana when he was meditating under a Peepal Tree.

This Tree is said to generate positive energies and vibrations and as per the experience of many followers of Paranormal Indian Remedies any Satvik Remedy performed under the Sacred Fig Tree give remarkable results.

Tamas Guni or fearsome paranormal remedies should not be performed under this tree because there will be conflict with positive energies present on or in the surroundings of this tree.

In many earlier articles, published in the past, we have written about all kinds of remedies for a wide range of purposes, which are practiced using the Peepal Tree or its leaves,, branches or root.

The wish fulfillment remedy described in this post, does not involve the chanting of any kind of Mantra or any other complicated ritual.

The simple method described below should be followed in order to successfully practice this wish fulfillment remedy.

1] This Totka has to be practiced for 21 days continuously and it can be started on any day. If a woman is practicing this remedy she should time it so that it does not get interrupted by her monthly cycle, if it does then, she should take a break during the monthly cycle and continue after the completion of the monthly cycle.

2] Everyday, the practitioner should tie a Kalwa Thread also called Mauli around the trunk of the Peepal Tree.

A Kalwa Thread is a reddish orange colored thread, which is normally tied on the wrists by some Hindus.

3] After tying the Kalwa Thread on the trunk of the Peepal Tree, the practitioner should fold his hands and say a small prayer in his own words requesting the Peepal Tree to bless bless him and fulfill his wish or make his desire or dream come true.

Notes- The wish, which the practitioner wants to be fulfilled should be practical and realistic in nature and not some sort of wild fantasy.

The practitioner should be extremely clear and specific in his mind about the wish that he wants to be fulfilled.

Numerous Remedies of all kinds making the use of the Peepal tree can be seen in the various Paranormal Remedies Sections and other Sections of this site. 


  1. Dear sir, please let us know that how maney rounds we have to tie mouli dhaggaa, is it like 3-5-7-11 time or just a single time. Pls clear this point !

    1. Single round is enough, but you can tie it more than 1 round if you wish.

  2. Sir my job is your job , in case in between this process if I have to go for a tour of 4-5days due official work, then did I have to start it again from day 1 ! Please clarify please sir !

  3. Sir,can I chant shabar mantras without guru deeksha. Please give me reply.

    1. किसी भी आध्यात्मिक साधना में सफलता श्रीगुरु कृपा से ही मिल पाती है .शाबर मन्त्रों के सम्बन्ध में गुरु से दीक्षा लेना अनिवार्य नहीं है .यह समझने की आवश्यकता है कि श्रीगुरुदेव के रूप में शाबर मन्त्र साधक को किनका स्मरण करना चाहिए .आदिगुरु तो भगवान् शिव हैं,उन्ही के अवतारस्वरूप नवनाथ ही शाबर मन्त्रों के
      प्रचारक लौकिक गुरु माने गए हैं .अतःश्रद्धा और भक्तिभाव पूर्वक नवनाथ चरित या नवनाथ माला का पाठ ही गुरुकृपा है.


    1. Yes, that is the general belief, but foor this Totka should be performed for 21 days in a row, including on Sunday.

  5. Sir... Should it be tied on the same peepal tree for 21 days or we can tie it on other peepal tree incase of travelling?

  6. Sir should it be tied on the same peepal tree

  7. sir can you prepare me(like provide basic guide) to get a Original knowledgeable GURU like you


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