Talisman for Protection During Sea Voyages

In this post, I have written about a Tantric Protective Talisman, which was used in the middle ages for gaining supernatural protection while traveling by sea. Sea Voyage or Samudra Gaman was the most difficult and dangerous kind of journey in those days. Hence, most sailors and sea travelers sought some or the other kind of paranormal or divine protection.

The Protective Talisman or Suraksha Taweez as it is called in the Hindi language is mentioned in the Ullu Tantra, which is a collection of Tantric Remedies and Mantras and Yantras, which are are practiced for a wide and diverse range of purpose. These Remedies make the use of the body parts of an owl and hence are Tamas Guni or fearsome in nature.

Tantric Talisman for Protection During Sea Voyages

This Talisman is prepared by taking a portion of the flesh of an owl and heating it on fire in a mixture of Til Ka Tel or Sesame Seed Oil and Sarson Ka Tel or Mustard Seed Oil.

When the mixture thickens it is removed from the fire and inserted in a cloth or metal locket and tied with a string around the waist.

There is no mention about any kind of Mantra Infusion Procedure or Tantric Ritual in the Ullu Tantra for preparing this Talisman and hence it appears to be a stand-alone Protective Talisman.

This simple procedure is said to give supernatural protection to the practitioner and protect his life from the numerous dangers of a Sea Voyage.

Hindu Tantric Texts contain references to some Rishis, Maharishis and Yogis who had the gained the supernatural powers or Siddhi of Walking on the Sea or Flying in the Air. Some information, including Mantras for this purpose have been published on this site in the past.  However, such extreme supernatural powers were only gained by the most highly advanced Rishis and Yogis.

Notes- See the Paranormal Remedies Sections for many more rare and unique Remedies of all kinds.

This article has only been written to give information about interesting Indian Tantric Tone, Totke and Upay and not to advocate the practice of this remedy and to harm the owl, which is a harmless bird.


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