Interesting Descriptions of Om Mantra

This post contains some of the most relevant descriptions of Om-ॐ the single most acceptable and recognized representation of the Supreme Being or God.  Om-ॐ is the root or Mool of everything else in the Universe, which contains everything, from which everything has originated and in which everything will merge in the end.

Om has also been described as the sound of Universe or the vibration of the movement of the Universe.  There are many unique and interesting descriptions of Om, which have appeared in many religious and spiritual texts, I have mentioned some of the more interesting ones below.

 Descriptions of the Sound of the Universe Om

The Taittiriya Upanishad is an ancient Hindu religious text, comprising of Sanskrit Slokas, which were composed over 2600 years back. This Upanishad contains a description of Om- ॐ, which probably influenced most other description of Om.

“One should meditate upon Om as being the Brahman and the entire Universe comprehended or envisioned as Om”

The The Mukunda Upanishad mentions “Om Transcends Time and it encompasses the Past, the Present and the Future, All and everything is contained in Om” This signifies that Om is the root from which everything else arises, it the foundation or the space which contains everything and in which every other energy rests.

“ॐ इत्येकाक्षरं ब्रह्म " is the seed sound that represents Brahman or the Ever-Existent Being.

The Bhagavad Gita further says “The One who leaves his body with his mind fixed upon Om, merges his being with that of the Supreme Being”

Most Hindu Mantras begin with Om or Aum because Om is the sound from which all other sounds and words have manifested.

Notes- In previous we have seen how Om is useful in the evolution of the souls and use in spiritual upliftment, especially in Stimulating the Kundalini Shakti by Meditation upon Om and its variation, the Hum or हुं Beej or Root Sound.

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  1. Bhagvat Gita me Satchdanand rup Param Adi Tatpurush Dayamay yogishwar Parmeshvar Krishna bhagwan sirf itna hi bataya hi ki,"kisi bhi hatyadari ho,kaam ki kaam sagar me dhube ho,adharm raste pakade hi,Jo bi Mann aur tann aur Chetna ki badna hi aur shanthi,mukti aur Moksh pana chahata hi,kisi ki samay jo praan Jane wala antkaal me bi,OM ka shabdh uccharan se, mere golok paramdham ka nivaasi hote hi aur ye bhi prani ko ye avashy aur uchit bi hi".
    For others understanding I am asking u Need sir is this True??

    1. Yes, it is true, this but the chanter should be fully immersed in the chanting of Om.

    2. I mean neel sir,saccha Mann se bhagwan pe pyar vishvaas se kuch ki phal iccha se dhor hokar sare samarpan bhav se sirf karm karna hi ki yehi mera Dharm hi. Is it sir.??

    3. Yes, surrendering to God without expection is the most difficult thing, but it is the best method for enlightment.

    4. It's not difficult it's easy sir,buss itna dondna padega andar see,kyo ki prarabdh hum ne banaye hi bhagwan nahi,iss liye dondna padega sir,agar kishan ki yaad layi andar se,uttar jaror milege. Because he is truth I mean he is "THE END".

  2. AUM (Dattatreya =Masculine / Lalita TripurSundari =Feminine Aspect)

    Aum is heard at the feet of Lord Rama. Aum is the sound of Shiva Damaru.
    Aum is the first/last vibration also equated in the Ajna Chakra...

    AUM in symbolic form of 3¬U° (is the three sects of Sanatana Dharma)
    3¬ is Shaivite
    U is Vaishnava
    ° is Shakta

  3. sir i was practing om meditation 2yrs back and i got some powers that timd that i was able to do vashikaran by just staring at that person and many mystical powers that i cant make it public and my guru had given a locket of hanumana that could proctect me my master said but one day i lost it after that everything change gradually lost everything my powers my masters accident happend everything changed i also got addicted to some bad habits now i have lost everything but still i have knowlegde how to get0things my powers back what should do so i get my powers back my master tell ki jo chize sab ko karne me salo lag jate hain me woh kuch mahino me hasil krta huu but sir im not getting powers back help me please and mere mathe pe naturaly u jaisa nishan hai jo shivji ke mathe pe bhi hota hai aur matha fold karne par dikta hai hatho pe exact trishul hai damru ke sath

    1. Difficult to say, but you can meditate upon your Master and seek spiritual guidence.


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