Is Vashikaran Possible By Using Mobile Photo

In this post, I have described the technique behind casting a Vashikaran Love Spell on any desired man or woman using a Mobile Photo of that desired person. Most of our readers keep on requesting for easier and easier Vashikaran Remedies, including the remote attraction of a desired person by concentrating upon a Mobile Snapshot of that person.

Is it really possible to put a Vashikaran Love Spell on any desired man or woman, including a husband or wife, simply by using a Mobile Photo of that person?

In my opinion, you can use a Mobile Photo for the purposes of remote Vashikaran or Vashikaran from far-off.

Is Vashikaran of any Desired Person Possible By Using Mobile Photo

This is nothing but a kind of Tratak Vashikaran Prayog in which the Mobile Photo is the object or vehicle for transferring your thoughts into the mind of the desired person.

To be successful in a Mobile Photo Vashikaran Prayog, it is essential that you know that person. If anybody tells you that you can actually cast a Vashikaran Love Spell on any man or woman who does not know you, then that person is fooling you.

It is true that highly advanced Sadhaks can transfer their thoughts into the mind of any person and control that person, but there are very few such Siddh Sadhaks who have mastered the technique of projecting their thought by way of Telepathy.

However, it is very difficult for the lay-person to succeed in the remote Vashikaran of any unknown person because there is the reception factor involved, which is essential for the transferring of thoughts into the mind of another person.

The chances of success are good if the targeted person is known to you and has some idea about your intentions. In such cases the mind of the targeted person is receptive and it is theoretically possible to successfully implant your thoughts into the mind of that person and make that person agreeable for any purpose, including love and marriage.

During the times, when the Vashikaran, Akarshan and Mohini Mantra were first composed and practiced, there were no modern instruments, like Mobile Phones and even photography was not invented.

Hence, the technique of remote transferring of thoughts for any purpose, including Vashikaran by way of Mobile Photos is a modern day experiment, which has been invented by some practitioners of Mantra Vidya.

Success in such Vashikaran Experiments totally depends upon the concentrated intensity with which these experiments are practiced.

Recently, due to demand from our readers and viewers, we have published a Video on our YouTube channel, using a Vashikaran Mantra, which is said to give the best results, if it is chanted at night, immediately before going to sleep at night.

That Video can be seen here –

If anyone gets success by using this Vashikaran By Mobile Photo Technique, kindly share your experiences for the benefit of other readers.

This is a one time Vashikaran Mantra Prayog, in which the Vashikaran Mantra given in the Video has to be chanted 108 times using a Rudraksha Japa Mala, immediately before going to sleep at night. There is no Puja-Vidhi or any other specific rules involved and the Vashikaran Mantra Prayog can be practiced on any day.


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