Can the Exact Origin of Psychic Attacks Be Known

A Psychic Attack can be compared to an invisible weapon, which sends the most harmful, dull or regressive energies towards a targeted person.  A Psychic Attack can also be compared to a Curse or Shaap and Buri Nazar or the Evil-Eye because the basic or root principles behind the working of all three of them is same.

Before trying to find remedies to prevent or remove the after-effects of a Psychic Attack,  it is essential to know what really is a Psychic Attack.

It is not essential that a Psychic Attack, which originates from a Voodoo Spell Caster, Black Magician or Tantrik is more powerful than a Psychic Attack that originates from an ordinary person who does not practice Voodoo or Witchcraft.

Can the Exact Origin of Psychic Attacks Be Known

The Basic principles behind Psychic Attacks, Evil-Eye and Curses is the same because the end effect depends primarily upon the hatred, jealousy and the intention to harm the target.

If such emotions are extremely intense and the thoughts and feelings originate from the bottom of the heart or the deeper levels of the sub conscious mind then they are likely to trigger-off harmful vibrations that are likely to cause harm to the target.

It does not really matter if the source of the harmful vibrations is a professional Spell-Caster or a normal person, what is the most important thing is the sheer intensity of the hatred, jealousy and the wish that harm should come to the targeted person.

The Power of Hatred should not be underestimated or misused because it is like a two edged sword and apart from sending bad energy to the target it also has side-effects because it can also make the target control your mind, if you are always thinking about him.

However, if the intensity of hate or jealously is not strong enough or fluctuating then the hater is likely to only hurt himself because the negative thoughts about the targeted person will not reach its destination and will start taking control over the mind of the hater and this will result in physical and mental problems.

Hence. It advisable not to think about your rivals, competitors or enemies all the time because that will make them more powerful.

It is also advisable not to believe that every problem is due to “Bahar Ka Kiya Karaya” or Black Magic done by a Spell Caster or Tantrik. Unknown and un-explainable occurrences can also be caused as explained above due to the harmful energies directed towards you by the people who hate you or are jealous of you.

It is extremely difficult to arrive at any conclusion about the exact origin of a Psychic Attack because it could be anyone, even a person who is close to you.

How Will Remedies for Psychic Attacks be Helpful 
There are many remedies of all kinds available for removing the ill-effects of a Psychic Attack. These remedies will work only if the practitioner firmly believes that he is only cleansing his aura by removing the negative and dangerous energies, in the same manner in which he cleans something, like his body, clothes or room.

The simplest looking remedies, like putting Rock Salt in your bath water are the most effective ones, provided you believe that you are only cleansing yourself, like you clean your body. A simple remedy using rock salt can be seen here - Rock Salt to remove harmful side effects of Psychic Attacks

Note- Do not consult a Psychic, unless you are convinced that he or she is genuine and really possesses extrasensory perception (ESP) powers or other similar supernatural abilities.

The net is full of people claiming to be Psychics, Clairvoyants and Mediums. Fakes of all kinds are using all kinds tricks to dupe people. 


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