Tantrik Totka for Business Success

In this post, I have described, yet another unique Tantrik Totka or Indian Paranormal Remedy for removing problems and difficulties that are affecting your business and making the business profitable and prosperous.

This Totka is simple and easy to practice and all that is needed for practicing the Totka successfully are a few easily available everyday items.

Hence, the Totka is suitable for anyone who is going through a trying and difficult time in his business and wishes to remove all obstacles and make the business healthy and profitable.

Indian Occult Spell for Business Success

This Totka has to be practiced for 5 days continuously without taking a break and it has to be started on a Saturday by following the 5 easy steps described below.

1] On the first day take 5 Batasha or Indian Sugar Candy and immerse them one-by-one in the flowing water of a river. While immersing the Batasha say a small prayer that the problems and difficulties faced by you in your business should be resolved and your business should become profitable and prosperous.

2] On the second day, take 1.25 kilograms of wheat grains with you and immerse 11 fistfuls or Mutthi of those wheat grains in the water and say the same prayer, which you said on the first day.

3] On the third day, take a medium sized Ball of Wheat Dough or Gehu Ke Atte Ka Gola with you and immerse it the water and say the same prayer.

4] On the fourth day, take Milk with you and immerse it in the water and say the same prayer.

5] On the fifth day, keep a 1.25 Mutthi or fistful of rice grains on the ground near the river bank and keep 5 Batasha, 1.25 kilograms of wheat grains, Gehu Ke Atte Ka Gola and Milk in-front of the rice grains.

Then, keep a Mitti Ka Diya or Oil Lamp made from Clay on the rice grains and light it, the Mitti Ka Diya can be filled with any kind of edible oil, like Sarson Ka Tel or Mustard Oil.

Then, go back to your home and while going back do not look back over your shoulder or speak to any person until you reach your home.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Few things to ask please guide :

    In the second point 1.25 kilograms of wheat grains to be taken but we have to immerse only 11 fistful of them than what to do with left wheat grains?

    In the fifth point, what does 1.25 fistful of rice grains means? How to count 1.25 fistful?


    1. The left overs can be kept aside and used for any other purpose. I.25 fistful mean one fistful of rice and a little bit after that.

  2. Dear Sir,
    Please reply for above comment.


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