Yantra to Remove Liquor Addiction and Poverty

A very useful Hindu Healing Yantra to remove poverty and liquor addiction at the same time has been described by me in this post. This Two-In-One Yantra, which has two unique benefits can be useful for people who are addicted to liquor and at the same time suffering from poverty to resolve these problems, which are making their lives miserable.

This two-in-one Yantra is very simple to make and use because it is a stand-alone Yantra and hence is free from any kind of energization or infusion procedure.

There is also no need to worship the Yantra or perform any other Tantric Ritual before using this Yantra.

This Yantra can also be useful for people who are addicted to other addictive substances like drugs and narcotics to get over their addiction.

People who are suffering from poverty can get the necessary resources that are needed to meet their daily needs or if they are unemployed, they could get some sort of reasonable employment.

Hindu Occult Charm to Remove Liquor Addiction and Poverty

The simple procedure described below should be followed in order to make and use this Yantra to remove poverty and liquor addiction.

1] The Yantra can be prepared on any day and there is no need to wait for any auspicious occasion for making and using the Yantra.

2] I have drawn the image of the Yantra on a piece of paper, the person who wishes to use it should draw it on a small piece of white colored cloth using black colored ink of any kind.

3] Then, the Yantra should be nicely folded and stitched like a cloth locket or Taweez and worn around the neck like a healing or wealth attraction talisman.

Notes- There are many Yantras, Mantra and Remedies published on this site for removing liquor addiction and poverty, but this is the only Two-In-One or Double Purpose Yantra, which is said to resolve both these life threatening problems at the same time.


  1. Mr neel.this is a muslMu yantra that you have disclosed.

    1. Yes, the Yantra has its orign in Islam, but there is no form of Islamic worship prescribed for this Yantra.

  2. Can yantra made by another person and give to the addicted person then it is effective

    1. Yes, the Yantra can be given to an addicted person to use.

  3. Hi sir my girlfriend father is a drunkard he comes home drunk drunk and behaves bad and sometimes wants to hit , I believe in paranormal remedy yantra , mantra etc but I need some help , can I be contacted on my email please I don't ever see replies here @vickstyles5000@gmail.com

  4. Sir neel I want my girl friend to love me what can I do


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