How to Protect yourselves from Energy Drain Attacks

In this post, I have written about most simple, but effective ways in which you can mentally protect yourself from the harmful effects of  “energy drain attacks”, which are similar to that of psychic attacks without the use of any kind of Tantrik or paranormal remedies or Spells, Charms, Yantras and Mantras.

In recently published articles, I had written about the possible origins of psychic attacks and some simple remedies to repulse a psychic attack.  The simplest and best methods of removing or repulsing “energy drain attacks” and psychic attacks is the same because these attacks are the doing of negative energy.

In addition to what I have already mentioned in earlier posts, the side effects of someone intentionally or unintentionally draining your energy is similar to that of psychic attacks.

Such people are termed as “energy vampires” or parasites who suck in the energy of others. The “energy vampire” can be anyone who intentionally or unintentionally manipulates you and sucks in your energy.

Usually, the “energy vampire”  is someone who is close to you, this person can even be your spouse or family member who is always thinking negatively or has a defeatist attitude towards life and keeps sharing his negative feelings and emotions with you. If after interacting with such people either in person or over the phone, you start feeling drained or depressed, then it indicates that your energy has been sucked in by the “energy vampire”

More often than not, an “energy vampire” is also a selfish individual who only thinks about himself and has perfected the art of emotional blackmail as a weapon and thinks nothing about the feelings and emotions of others.

They are also masters at emotionally exploiting other for money and other material gains.

Draining of energy also occurs when you visit a sick or ailing person or a hospital and start feeling drained, depressed and dejected after some time. It is quite possible that your energy has been unintentionally drained by the sick person or some patient in the hospital who wants to be fit and healthy like you.

As mentioned earlier, the effects of “energy drain” are similar to that of a psychic attack. In such cases the best and the simplest remedy is to be mentally strong so that your sub-conscious senses that your energy is about to be drained and repulses the “energy drain attack”, even before it penetrates your aura.

The best remedy is to always try to maintain a positive attitude and repulse the negative energy. If the “energy vampire” starts a negative conversation, try to inject positivity into the conversation. If the “energy vampire” still persists with the negative conversation, you should discontinue the conversation.

If you have a Ishta Devta or a favored deity, then you can think about that deity. Simply thinking about your Ishta Devta will attract positive vibrations, which will repulse the negative vibrations coming from the “energy vampire”

If you do not have a Ishta Devta and do not believe in religion, you can imagine that a heavenly or divine ray of light has entered your mind and body and cleansing it of all negativity and preventing negative energies from harming you.

You can try anyone of the two simple methods of insulating yourself from “energy drain attacks” whenever you feel drained of energy in the company of an “energy vampire”.


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