Aankh Phadakna Meaning and Remedy

The twitching of the eyes or "Aankh Phadakna" is one of the most common and widespread superstitions in most cultures and some specific omens or “Shakun” have been attributed to the involuntary twitching of the eyelids. In this post, I have written about a simple Indian Totka or paranormal remedy to stop or prevents the ill- effects of eye twitching.

At the outset, in my opinion "Aankh Phadakna"  is purely a physical condition and is related to the physical and mental condition of the individual and the possible reasons may range from exertion, fatigue, tension, sleeplessness, strain and spasms of the eyelid and also related to the diet of the individual or the consumption of addictive substances.

Specific meanings have been attributed by followers of the paranormal and astrology for the twitching or involuntary blinking of both the right and left eyes of both men and woman.

Eye Twitching or Aankh Phadakna and the Hindu Occult Remedy

The twitching of the right eye is considered to be auspicious in men whereas left eye twitching is believed to be auspicious in women.

Left Eye Twitching in Women
" Bayi Aankh Phadakna" or left eye twitching in women is said to indicate that some sort of good news is on the way.

Right Eye Twitching in Women
" Dayi Aankh Phadakna" or right eye twitching in women is said to indicated some sort of physical discomfort is possible in the immediate future.

Both these conditions are reversed in the case of " Aankh Phadakna" in men.

However, there are different and somewhat reverse interpretations for eye twitching in the Orient.

There are also References in the Puranas and Indian Mythology to " Aankh Phadakna" and the involuntary movement of some other body parts and various meaning have been attributed to these physical conditions.

The Gherelu Upay or Home Remedy for " Aankh Phadakna"
The Paranormal Remedy, which I had mentioned about earlier in this post, can be practiced by those people who take this paranormal belief seriously otherwise it is best to ignore eye twitching and if it is chronic, then it it is better to take some kind of medical advise.

Take some fine mud of Mitti from a “Dhobi Ghat” and apply it lightly on the outside part of the eyelids. Care should be takes that the mud does not enter the eyes. Dhobi Ghat is a place found in most Indian towns and cities where washer men wash clothes.

This simple Gherelu Upay is said to stop the twitching of eyes and remove the ill or inauspicious effects of eye twitching.

Note- For more information on omens and superstitions, please see the section on – Indian Paranormal Beliefs


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