Remedy for Lack of Desire in Any Work

A simple remedy to remove the lack of desire or will power in performing any task, work or job has been described by me in this post. This home remedy or Gharelu Totka. or Upay, which makes the use of Supari or Betel Nuts is said to remove the lack of will, energy or desire in performing any specific or essential task.

Everyone goes through such phases in their life when they are faced with the problem of “Kaam Me Man Nahi Lagta” or “Kaam Me Dil Nahi Lagta” meaning I do not feel like working or My Heart is Not In My Work Anymore.

In such case the Totka mentioned below can be practiced to remove the lethargic feeling or lack of will and desire in doing something that is essential and has to be done.

Remedy for Lack of Desire and Will Power in Doing Any Work

1] The Totka can be performed on any day and there is not need to wait for any auspicious occasion in order to perform this Gharelu Totka.

There is also no need to chant ang kind or Mantra or prayer or perform any specific religious ritual in order to successfully perform this Gharelu Totka.

2] The practitioner has to purchase 125 grams of Whole Unbroken Supari or Betel Nuts and divide them into 5 parts.

3] Then, every day the practitioner has to put 1 part of the Betel Nuts into a Thali or Pan of fire and perform a Clockwise Utara of himself 5 times in a row and keep blowing his breath on the burning Betel Nuts.

4] The same procedure should be followed for 5 days and on the fifth and final day, the practitioner should light and place a Diya near the trunk of any tree. This Diya should be a Clay Diya.

The ashes and other leftovers of the daily Utara ritual can later on be collectively immersed in any flowing water body.

Note- Many such simple and easy to perform Gharelu Upay, Tone, Totke and Remedies can be seen in the various sections on Paranormal Remedies.


  1. I cunt understand , we need to burn supari bfr utara , n thn perform utara and the deepak shud offer to which tree and the ashes shud immerse same day or can letter.


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