Most Likely Situations Timings and Places for Possession By Ghosts

In this post, I have written about specific timings, situations, conditions and places when a person is mostly likely to be affected,  possessed or attacked by ghosts, demons, evil spirits, vampires and other such mystical and unseen beings and entities.

These are generalized descriptions, which are mentioned in Tantric Scriptures related to Bhoot-Pret, Pishach, Atrupta Atma, Rakshasas and other similar demonic entities. The entities mentioned above may also be attracted towards an individual during the conditions mentioned in this post.

Tantrik Description of  Situations Timings and Places for Possession and Attacks By Ghosts

1] At the time of committing Paap Karma or Sins or being influenced by sinful activities.

2] Sins committed during the past life or past lives.

3] Stepping on any item or Tantric Vastu related to black magic or exorcism or spitting on any such item or urine or feces, which is near the Tantric item.

4] Engaging in physical union with a man or woman at 12 O'clock at night.

5] Engaging in a physical union with a woman during her monthly cycle.

6] Being present near dead bodies during a war, natural calamities, accidents or riots.

7] Not rinsing the mouth after consuming meat and other non-veg foods, wine and alcohol, sesame seeds and jaggery.

8] Sleeping or roaming without any clothes on the body or always being nude in your home or in any other place.

9] During Grahan Kaal or the period of a Solar or Lunar Eclipse.

10] Being present as a spectator during any mass destructive activity or Vinash Leela.

11] During the delivery time of women.

12] Loosing control or being impure or unhygienic during twilight hours.

13] Criticizing religious ceremonies or rituals or opposing these religious activities.

14] Unnecessarily harassing, insulting and causing problems for priests and holy and saintly persons or Gurus, Yogis and Sadhus.

15] Being present alone at a Chouraha or the meeting place of four roads.

16] Being alone or engaging in physical union during Chaturdashi, Amavasya and Purnima or on the day prior to new and full moon, new moon and full moon.

17] Roaming alone at night, after applying strong perfume or scent on your clothes.

18] At the time of Vaman, Vimochan and Rakt Mochan or spewing, discharging and bloodletting.

19] Staying in a lonely, isolated, dilapidated, ruined and empty house or visiting such places.

20] Performing paranormal rituals, like Homa and Havans using wrong methods or against the prescribed norms.

21] Visiting Graveyards, Shamshan Bhoomi or Places where people are executed.

Notes- These are as mentioned generalized descriptions and may vary for each individual, depending upon his Karma and the protection received from his Ishta Devta.

See the section on Exorcism Mantras, Mantras and Rituals for more information on this subject.


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