Paranormal Remedies if you have Survived Death

It is a paranormal belief that if a person has survived from a serious accident, while traveling,  then it is only by grace of God that his life was saved from certain death. In this post, I have described a couple of simple rituals, which are prescribed in Indian Tantric Texts to thank God for his grace and to make sure that such accidents to not occur again and you lose your life.

There are 2 paranormal remedies given below, it is advisable to perform both of them to get the best results.

1] After coming back to your home, after surviving from an accident, on the morning of the next day, you should offer food to 5 young girls, who have not reached the age of puberty. Then, after they have eaten the food, you have to touch their feet and take their blessings.

2] For a period of 11 days, slice a banana and sprinkle some sugar over it and go to an ant hill and put the banana pieces next to the ant hill so that the ants can eat them. Wait until the ants have started eating the banana pieces and then go back to your home.

Feeding Banana and Sugar to Ants

For Removing Fear of Death
If you are going somewhere and see the accidental death of any person and if you feel frightened, then, you must go back to your home and take some water in a utensil and keep that utensil under sunlight and watch the reflection of your face in the water 2 to 3 times. 

After a few minutes, you have to soak a black colored piece of cloth in the water and then remove it from the water and squeeze out the water and then tie the wet cloth around your head and lie down for some time.

This simple remedy will remove the fear of death and give you relief.

Notes- The information is given to give knowledge about rare and interesting Indian Paranormal Beliefs and not to spread fear and superstition. It is left entirely to the discretion of the reader, whether he wants to practises these remedies or not.

The word accident, in the context of this post, includes any accident by motor vehicle, railway, airplane or ship. Minor accidents can be discounted, the remedies apply only to those accidents, in which you have survived death or severe disablement. 


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