Indian Home Remedy to Remove Lice

In this post, I have written about a Baal Me Se Jue Nilakne Ka Tantric Totka or a paranormal Indian home remedy to remove lice from the hair. This Gharelu Upchar makes the use of simple to practice ritual along with the Neem Ka Tel to eradicate lice from the head.

The steps given below should be followed by any person wishing to attempt this paranormal home remedy to get rid for their lice problem.

1] Prepare 5 cotton wicks[Kapas Ki Batti] and dip them in Neem Ka Tel [Neem Oil].

2] Keep the Neem Ki Batti in a Thali and light them and do an Utara by rotating the Thali around your head once and then keep the burnt Neem Ki Batti near the trunk of a Neem Ka Ped or Indian Lilac in common English language.

3] The say “remove all the lice from my hair and ask them to come to you” or in Hindi “Mere Baal Se Jue Nikal Kar Apne Paas Bulao”. This call can be made in any language, including your mother tongue.

4] Repeat the same procedure for 5 day in a row.

Indian Home Remedy to Remove Lice using Neem Ka Tel

5] Then, start applying Neem Ka Tel on your hair until your lice problem is resolved to your satisfaction.

This Upay is said to remove all the lice from your head and give you relief from your lice problem.

Note- Neem Ka Tel is considered to be effective in removing lice from the head and has always been used in traditional Indian healing remedies and Ayurveda for the treatment of head lice.

It is also said to make the hair healthy and glowing.

Another remedy for the Lice problem, which has been published on this site can be seen here - homeopathic remedy for lice removal


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